7 Vietnam street foods you should try on your Vietnam tour


Street foods are considered a special cultural characteristic of the Vietnam tours to attract a large number of foreign visitors. Coming here, you will be impressed by the chairs, the plastic tables and the attractive smell of food from South to North. Follow us to discover Vietnam street foods now!

What makes Vietnam’s street food so attractive?

“Street-food” location is a place without front door, window or even any wall. You just walk down the street and choose a seat for yourself. Usually a plastic chair or small chair designed for children who are starting to walk, but they are used everywhere to allow adults to sit.

Vietnamese street foods still always attract international customers

One of the most interesting things of tasting food in a small roadside restaurant in Vietnam is watching the life of the locals. You will sit very close to each other, eating and watching the road, thanks to this, you will be able to create proximity and conviviality.

For foreign customers, just look at what someone is eating and tell the seller that they will have a share like that for themselves.

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Vietnamese street foods

As you can see, traveling to Vietnam without enjoying the street foods will be truly a great pity. Find more delicious dishes to try on your Vietnam trip by reading the article below!


The first dish not to be missed when you come to Vietnam is Pho. By walking along the streets of big cities, you can easily catch a crowd of people waiting to eat Pho. This dish is simply a bowl of soup including: fresh noodles, herbs, chicken or beef. These are also the main ingredients of some Vietnamese dishes.

Enjoy a bowl of Pho on the sidewalk and a cup of iced tea will make you fall in love

Stir-fried corn

Fried corn is a combination of many flavors and colors that make up a typically Vietnamese street food. The sweetness of corn combined with the salty taste of small shrimp, adding a little butter and the aroma of onions creates the dish which could be called “the love of thousands of people”.

Fried corn has been associated with many young generations of Saigon (HCM city) because of its delicious taste and affordable prices. Each serving of stir-fried corn costs between 10,000 and 20,000 VND sold in most strollers. In particular the stir-fried corn at the Tortoise lake (located between the crossing of three streets: Vo Van Tan, Pham Ngoc Thach and Tran Cao Van, in the 3rd district, Ho Chi Minh City) with a very special buttery aroma.

On all the streets of Saigon, you can meet the very attractive smell of fried corn

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Rice paper salad

In many Vietnamese streets, especially in Saigon, it is certainly not so difficult for you to meet women or girls with a package of rice paper salad. The ingredients of this dish include: rice paper cut into fine fibers, mixed with a little cashew oil, shrimp salt, dried beef, dried squid, onion fat, roasted peanuts, fried onions, boiled eggs,…

A packet of rice paper salad is not expensive at all, just around 10,000 – 20,000 VND. It is one of the typical dishes that have the characteristics of the street culinary culture in Saigon.

Boxes of rice paper salad are available on most of sidewalks in Saigon


An aromatic and spicy snail dish in every street in Saigon will be definitely something that you can’t ignore when coming to Vietnam. The cheapest and most attractive place is the snail shop located in Bac My market, Danang (the best city to live located in the central part of Vietnam). Although the restaurant is very small, located on the entrance road to the market, but still very crowded.

There are only 2 types of snails here: snail to suck and snail to shoot. The cooked snail is very tasty, the snail soup is sweet and a bit salty, which is very delicious, served with a little crispy shredded papaya. The price varies only from 10,000 to 30,000 VND for a dish of snails.

Normally, in snail restaurants, each person will eat a plate of snails. If you wish, you can order a few extra grilled rice papers at a cost of 4,000 VND, which you can enjoy with snail sauce.

Hot and delicious snail served with grilled rice paper

Fried rice cake

Fried rice cake is a combination of eggs and rice cake that is fried in a large pan until it is crisp, served with papaya slices, fried onions and green onions, as well as chili and vinegar. It is also a favorite street food for many people living and working in Ho Chi Minh City.

Fried rice cake – an attractive dish on the streets of Saigon

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Banana fritter and sweet potato fritter

While crossing the banana fritter, sweet potato fritter stroller, looking at the crispy yellow fried donuts lined up on a shelf, no one could quench that desire.

The ingredients for the banana and sweet potato donut are nothing special. It just needs flour, add a few banana slices, or sweet potato slices, and then fry them, as simple as that, but the taste of this dish is unforgettable.

The banana fritter has a slightly sour and sweet taste; The sweet potato fritter is lightly sweet, with the idyllic and rustic sweet potato. These are special dishes which are popular in winter and also something visitors should not miss in their Vietnam tours.

Banana fritter and sweet potato fritter greasy and crispy

Salad rolls

Another dish also appears on the list of street foods to try in Vietnam tours – it’s the salad roll. It will be the perfect choice for you to change your taste if you are too tired of fatty things.

The roll is made of boiled pork and fresh vegetables carefully wrapped together, adding a little sweet and savory sauce, which can help the dating with your friends funnier.

The salad rolls are a combination of meat, vegetables and sauces that is truly a Vietnamese identity

The street food culture makes an unforgettable impression on Vietnamese cuisine in the eyes of visitors. What are you waiting for but coming to this S-shaped land to taste and discover a unique cuisine here!

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