Amazing trip

Apr 13, 2015
Carolyn MurrayAustralia

We specifically booked Thailand Boutique Experience via Asia Tour Advisor . To get the opportunity to learn about their country. We really didn’t know what to expect but loved this trip from the start. Thailand is as exotic as we had imagined. We traveled to Thailand just a few weeks after the military coup. Although we routinely saw military personnel, we didn’t see any protests and felt completely safe during the entire trip. The country did not exhibit any signs of tension or instability.
“Sann” was our tour guide in Thailand and he reassured that we were safe and he treated us like family. He was extremely enthusiastic and tremendously informative. He went the extra mile to help everyone with sightseeing suggestions during our free time. He routinely offered us the opportunity to taste a variety of foods including exotic fruits and snacks, deep fried insects and unusual whiskeys enhanced with cobra and scorpions.
The wonderful experience was the elephant camp. The majority of our hotels were top notch and a variety of food choices made the included meals good to exceptional. We were constantly on the go but it allowed us the opportunity to see as much as possible. We encourage anyone with a craving for the exotic to make this trip.
Thanks Asia Tour Advisor

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