Bai Tu Long Bay Weather: Everything You Need To Know Before Your Visit


Bai Tu Long Bay Weather For 12 Months

Before learning about the monthly weather characteristics in the bay, you need to know that this place has two distinct seasons: the rainy season (from May to October) and the dry season (from November to April).

The months in each season have some similar weather characteristics.

Bai Tu Long Weather In January

The Weather In January

The Weather In January

  • Average temperature: 17°C

  • Average humidity: 60-70%

  • Number of rainy days: 4 days

January in Bai Tu Long is the coldest and driest month, with clear skies and dry days. The humidity during the day is around 60-70%. So you'll have a fresh and comfortable atmosphere for your adventures.

The temperature in this month averages around 17°C. Nights can get even colder, dropping to about 12°C, while daytime temperatures reach around 19°C.

There are waves of increased cold air, with temperatures falling below 12°C. These cold waves usually last 5-10 days. To stay comfy, make sure to bring some layers.

What's nice about January is that it's not a rainy month. There are only about four days of rain, and the average rainfall is just 15mm, perfect for exploring and cruising around the bay.

What Is The Weather Like In February In Bai Tu Long?

The Weather In February

The Weather In February

  • Average temperature: 18°C

  • Average humidity: 65-70%

  • Number of rainy days: 11 days

In February, Bai Tu Long has a bit warmer weather than January, with temperatures around 18°C on average. Towards the end of February, it gets even warmer, reaching about 21°C.

The moderate weather makes it a perfect time to explore the beautiful caves and islands. You can go on excursions and hikes in this weather.

Just like January, February has around seven sunny hours daily and is one of the driest periods in the bay. But some days can be a bit rainy and misty, with 65-70% humidity and an average of 22mm of rainfall spread over 11 days.

Also, February has the traditional Lunar New Year, called Tet. You might get to experience local celebrations and traditions during your visit.

Bai Tu Long Weather In March

The Weather In March

The Weather In March

  • Average temperature: 20°C
  • Average humidity: 75%

  • Number of rainy days: 13 days

The average maximum temperature in March is around 20°C, but it can go up to 23°C on warmer days to 18°C on cooler nights.

There are more sunny days, making it great for outdoor activities like boat trips and hiking. The weather is comfortable, with the humidity at 75%, a bit higher than the previous months but still okay. You won't get too sweaty while sightseeing or playing sports.

Although March sees more sunshine, there are about 13 days with some rain. The total rainfall for the month is around 53mm.

So, it's good to be aware of possible rain, but it's not enough to ruin your plans. You can still have a wonderful time exploring and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Bai Tu Long Weather In April

The Weather In April

The Weather In April

  • Average temperature: 23°C

  • Average humidity: 75%

  • Number of rainy days: 13 days

April brings warmer weather to the bat, making it a great time to visit. The average temperature goes up to 23°C, with highs around 28°C during the day and lows of about 20°C at night.

The sea also gets warmer, reaching around 29°C, so you can wear flip-flops and shorts and enjoy the sun and a nice swim.

April has a lot of sunshine, almost as much as other sunny months. The humidity stays around 75%, not too high compared to the super humid summer months when it can go up to 90%.

Rainfall increases a bit this month, especially towards the end. There are about 13 days of rain, and the total amount is around 53mm. But don't worry, there's not enough rain to cause problems, so you can still have a great time exploring the bay.

Bai Tu Long In May

The Weather In May

The Weather In May

  • Average temperature: 32°C

  • Average humidity: 78%

  • Number of rainy days: 14 days

May brings humid and hot weather. It's not too extreme, with an average temperature of around 32°C. Daytime can get as hot as 38°C, and nights are cooler at around 26°C.

You can enjoy a lot of sunshine, with around eight hours each day; this makes it time for outdoor water activities and exploring the bay in clear weather.

But, along with the rising temperature, the rainy season is getting closer, bringing more rain and humidity. The average humidity goes up to 78%. There's an increase in rainfall, around 175mm spread over 14 rainy days.

With these characteristics, the weather in this month can be unpredictable. So, be ready for unexpected conditions. Watching weather forecasts before your Vietnam trip is a good idea to ensure your plans aren't affected by cancellations or delays.

Bai Tu Long Weather In June

The Weather In June

The Weather In June

  • Average temperature: 35°C

  • Average humidity: 78%

  • Number of rainy days: 16 days

June is one of the hottest times in the bay, with temperatures ranging from 30°C to 40°C. It's summertime, but the cool breeze from the bay helps make the heat more bearable.

The humidity and the rainfall are slightly higher compared to May. There's an estimated 179mm of rainfall, a bit more than the previous months but still less than what you'd get in the next two months, and the rain doesn't last all day.

The humidity goes up to around 78%, and this, combined with the chance of rain, means fewer people visit the bay during this time.

Despite the chance of rain, this month still offers plenty of pleasant sunshine and warm seawater. So, it's still perfect for kayaking, swimming, and sunbathing.

However, during this summer month, there can be typhoons and storms. So, don't forget to update on the weather and any possible disruptions to your travel plans.

What Is July Like In Bai Tu Long?

The Weather In July

The Weather In July

  • Average temperature: 35°C

  • Average humidity: 80%

  • Number of rainy days: 20 days

July brings about high temperatures and a lot of sunshine, making it a warm and sunny time to explore the area. You can expect around eight sunny hours each day.

The temperature range varies from 30°C to 37°C, and even at night, it remains hot as the temperature doesn't cool down significantly. The high humidity (about 80%) and temperatures may make it feel hot and stuffy.

While July has sunny and hot weather, the bay also has frequent downpours. A substantial amount of rain, nearly 400mm, falls over about 20 days. And be aware of the possibility of typhoons during this period.

Despite the occasional downpours, the high heat and humidity might tempt you to engage in water-based activities to beat the heat.

How Is The Weather In August In Bai Tu Long?

In The Rain

In The Rain

  • Average temperature: 33°C

  • Average humidity: 75%

  • Number of rainy days: 20 days

The weather in August is quite similar to July, which is wet and hot. The temperature is above 32°C, reaching around 35°C during the day and 25°C at night.

August has the least sunshine in the bay, only about six hours/day. And there's a good chance of heavy rain and storms. The humidity level goes down to around 75%, which helps it not feel too hot despite the high temperatures.

Because of the unpredictable weather and frequent rain, not many tourists visit the bay in August. If you still want to go, check the weather forecast before your trip.

On sunny days this month, you can enjoy water activities like kayaking and swimming. Plus, you might find lower prices for cruises and services because of summer deals.

Bai Tu Long Bay Weather In September

The Weather In September

The Weather In September

  • Average temperature: 28°C

  • Average humidity: 72%

  • Number of rainy days: 14 days

September marks the transition from summer to fall in the bay. It's still hot, with an average temperature of 28°C and rarely dropping below 22°C. Some days can reach temperatures over 30°C.

While there are just 6 hours of sunshine per day, the sun is strong. So it's essential to use sun protection when spending time outdoors. However, the sea temperature decreases, making swimming more comfortable and inviting.

In this month, humidity levels start to drop slightly to 72%. While it's not a drastic change, the lower humidity contributes to a more comfortable feel in the air.

Compared to the previous two months, September has less rainfall, with around 190mm of rainfall spreading over two weeks. Although it can be wet, the decrease in rain indicates a shift towards drier conditions.

It’s the best month to visit for those who prefer milder weather to explore the bay without the intense heat and heavy rainfall, like in the peak summer months.

Bai Tu Long Bay In October

The Weather In October

The Weather In October

  • Average temperature: 27°C

  • Average humidity: 70%

  • Number of rainy days: 10 days

In October, the weather is not as hot as summer, with an average temperature around 27°C. The atmosphere becomes refreshing, and cool breezes make cruising in the bay comfortable.

One noticeable improvement this month is that it sees much less rainfall than in September. It goes down to around 55mm of rainfall over ten days. This reduction in rainfall means clearer skies and drier conditions, making it a better time to visit the bay.

The average humidity in this month is 70%, and combined with the mild temperatures and the gentle breeze, the weather feels quite agreeable.

What Is The Weather Like In November?

The Weather In November

The Weather In November

  • Average temperature: 24°C

  • Average humidity: 68%

  • Number of rainy days: 7 days

As November goes on, occasional Northeast monsoon winds bring temperatures around 24°C, with daytime highs reaching 25°C and nighttime lows dropping to 18°C. Evenings can be colder, so I recommend a jacket or long-sleeved clothes.

There is less rainfall, only about 12mm over seven days, and lower humidity, around 68%, a significant drop from October; this means it's drier and more suitable for exploring the bay without worrying about heavy rains.

What About December?

  • Average temperature: 19°C

  • Average humidity: 66%

  • Number of rainy days: 6 days

December offers mild temperatures, a lot of sunlight, and lower humidity, making it a time for sightseeing.

The average temperature is around 19°C, sometimes dropping to 15°C. I recommend tossing in a warm jacket because it can get cold once you step out of the sun.

Plus, the humidity takes a chill pill, down to 66%, making it more pleasant for outdoor adventures. You won't be dealing with that sticky summer feeling.

Even though December has a bit more rain than November, it has fewer days with rain. On average, it rains about 10mm over six days. So, there's a lower chance of encountering rainy days this month.

What To Do In Bai Tu Long On Sunny Days And Rainy Days?

What To Do In The Bay?

What To Do In The Bay?

Because everyone's taste for exploration is different, some people prefer sunny days while others prefer rainy days. So, I have compiled some activities you can do based on the weather conditions.

What To Do On Sunny Days?

On sunny days, you'll have emerald waters, towering limestone cliffs, and a sky so blue it feels like it goes on forever. Now, let's explore what you can do!

Cruise Exploration

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of Bai Tu Long is by taking a cruise. The bay's crystal-clear waters sparkle on sunny days, and the limestone formations stand out against the blue sky.

There are day cruises or, if you're feeling fancy, multi-day trips that let you uncover hidden caves, check out floating fishing villages, and hit up some secluded beaches.

Kayaking Adventures



Speaking of kayaking, it's a must. The bay's calm waters are an invitation to paddle through its secrets on a sunny day. You'll glide through caves, discover grottoes, and maybe stumble upon a hidden lagoon.

Some tours even come with guides who'll spill the beans on the local flora, fauna, and the stories behind those mystical limestone formations.

Beach Relaxation

Bai Tu Long Bay has seriously pristine sandy shores, for example, Three Peaches Beach. Grab your beach towel, load up on snacks, and get ready to soak in the sun. It's the perfect spot for sunbathing, having a picnic, or admiring views.

Fishing Excursions

Fancy a bit of adventure with a side of culture? Try a fishing excursion. I'm talking about getting on a boat with some local fishermen, throwing a net, or dropping a line.

It's a peek into the everyday life of the locals. You'll get a taste of the traditional fishing techniques and maybe even reel in a catch to brag about later.

Visit Vung Vieng Village

Vung Vieng Village

Vung Vieng Village

Vung Vieng is a floating village where houses bob on the water, and locals do their daily business. Take a boat trip there, check out the floating school, visit the local market, and chat with the friendly villagers. Sunny days turn this place into a colorful spectacle perfect for shots.

Hiking On The Islands

Are you feeling a bit more active? It's time to wear those walking shoes because the bay has some hiking trails waiting for you.

The trails lead to viewpoints that'll blow your mind with panoramic views of the bay. The sunny weather makes it even better, and the sea breeze keeps things cool.

What To Do On Rainy Days?

What To Do On Rainy Days?

What To Do On Rainy Days?

While you might not get the bright sunshine and clear skies, there's a unique charm to the misty landscapes and the sound of raindrops dancing on the water. Here are some fantastic things to do on this rainy day:

Cooking Classes And Local Cuisine

When the rain is falling, why not take shelter and learn to cook some delicious Vietnamese dishes?

Many cruises and local establishments offer cooking classes where you can try your hand at creating traditional Vietnamese cuisine. It's a fun and interactive way to spend a rainy day while gaining insights into the local food culture.

Indoor Activities On Cruise Ships

If you're on a emperor Halong bay cruise, rainy days provide the perfect excuse to enjoy the indoor amenities of your ship. Most cruises in this bay are equipped with cozy lounges, restaurants, and more. Use the rain as an opportunity to unwind, relax, and enjoy the comforts of your floating accommodation.

Photography In The Mist

If you're into photography, this is the perfect time to capture unique shots. You’ll have many photos of the karsts shrouded in mist, the reflection of lights on the water, and the vibrant colors of the floating villages against the gray backdrop.

Relaxing Spa Day

What about treating yourself to a spa day on a rainy afternoon?

Many cruises and resorts in the bay offer spa services including massages, facials, and other pampering treatments. Just lie down and enjoy the rhythmic sound of raindrops on the water combined with a spa experience.

National Park Adventures

If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, use the rain as an opportunity to explore the rainforests and jungles in the national park.

Guided tours or treks in the national parks can get you up close and personal with the bay's lush greenery and lively wildlife. Just grab a raincoat and go for it!

Let Asia Tour Advisor Accompany You On Your Trip To Bai Tu Long!

Let Asia Tour Advisor Accompany You On Your Trip To Bai Tu Long!

Let Asia Tour Advisor Accompany You On Your Trip To Bai Tu Long!

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Bai Tu Long Bay always has something for you to explore throughout the year, and I've taken you through the twists and turns of each month.

Rainy days are perfect for cultural escapades and moody landscapes, while sunny times invite beach vibes and sun-soaked explorations.

With the lowdown from this guide on Bai Tu Long Bay weather, I believe you can plan your visit and craft a tailor-made experience.

Don't forget to check out Asia Tour Advisor Tours and get ready for an adventure that's uniquely yours!

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