The Best Holidays To Vietnam: Useful Travel Guide For Everyone in 2023


Why Do You Choose Holidays To Vietnam?

Vietnam is one of the top destinations for foreign tourists in general and group tourism in particular. It has a long culture with world-famous landscapes.

So, Vietnam is known as one of the dream vacation destinations. Scroll down slowly to see why you should not miss this beautiful country when you want a great travel vacation!

Comfortable Weather

Sapa, Vietnam

The weather of Vietnam varies considerably by location and encompasses a wide range of climatic zones. So, the wonderful thing is that this country is a year-round destination since it is always pleasant everywhere in the nation.

Relaxed Nature

Forest in Vietnam

Vietnam is blessed by nature with many treasures, including the biggest cave in the world. This country deserves to be one of the travel destinations you select because there are precious things to learn about and experiences to remember.

You may escape your hectic life by staying on one of the stunning islands or beaches like Phu Quoc or Con Dao. You may view the dawn at Mui Ne, Nha Trang, and Quy Nhon.

What could be more relaxing than leaving your footprint on white sand and strolling around the beach while listening to the waves?

Activities involving water sports may interest you if you enjoy an adrenaline rush. You may explore via snorkeling, kiteboarding, surfing, etc.

Friendly Locals

Vietnamese people

Vietnamese people always greet you with welcoming grins and warm greetings, youngsters to adults alike, even if you don't speak the language fluently.

They will gladly assist you if you require any help. Even if some Vietnamese don't speak a foreign language, they are respectful to all visitors.

Various Public Transportations

Hanoi Bus

Most likely, you picture motorbikes when you think about Vietnam. They are ubiquitous in populated areas such as Saigon.

There are less daring, but no less entertaining, choices like cyclos that travelers may use in addition to renting one of those motorbikes to go around.

Taking a cyclo may be a lot of fun if you're in a city like Hue, with a more laid-back vibe. However, they move much more slowly, so they pick a motorbike taxi to get somewhere fast.

In Vietnam, trains are convenient and pleasant for lengthy trips, especially overnight trains. The journey by rail from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi typically takes travelers 30 hours.

However, you can mostly sleep well if you take an overnight train. The cabins are pleasant and include air conditioning. In addition, buses are also convenient. Most tourists use them for shorter journeys within cities.

Delicious Food

Bun thang of Vietnam

Everything was incredibly delectable, fresh, and flavorful—distinctly Vietnamese.

Noodle soup, bread, and egg coffees were my favorite Vietnamese foods. I want to return to Vietnam to once again discover the wonder of this drink.

In Vietnam, there are various options for eating delicious food. It only takes a glance around the sidewalks or alleys to discover some delectable meals.

The most intriguing method to learn about folks' daily lives is to spend lunch out. Here, seafood is affordable and fresh. The finest street food sellers in the nation may be found in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

Inexpensive Experience

Vietnam is affordable, which is one of the benefits of traveling there. The country is one of the least expensive vacation destinations in the world, so you won't need to worry about blowing your budget while you're here.

You can survive on approximately $20 per day, which covers accommodation, local cuisine, transportation, and beverages. Additionally, it is simple to choose a hostel, hotel, or homestay at a fair price and of decent quality.

How Many Days Do You Need To Go On Holiday To Vietnam?

The more time you have, the more destinations you can come to, such as boat trips, climbs up mountains, and excursions to ethnic communities.

Add tours to the northern bays, central coast, picturesque river deltas, and more if time is not an issue. Here are some suggested plans!

Five Days

Cu Chi Tunnels

Suppose you have five days to spend in Vietnam. In that case, it's advisable to either focus on one region's cultural attractions or go on a village-to-village trek in one of the country's pristine nature preserves in the mountainous north.

You may have a guided tour of the Cu Chi Tunnels and the numerous impressive French colonial-era buildings beginning in Ho Chi Minh City. Then take a boat trip along the Mekong River, stopping at rural communities and floating marketplaces, to experience a slower pace of life.

A good choice is to spend a few days in Hanoi, a contemporary and historic city.

You may explore the city's core by taking a stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake, going to the Hang Gai silk stores, enjoying a bowl of soup, and seeing popular sites.

Due to the short trip to Hanoi, we recommend spending plenty of time exploring the city before seeing a traditional water puppet show.

After spending a day and a night on an opulent boat exploring Halong Bay and visiting the amazing Sung Sot Cave, your 5-day Vietnam tour concludes in Hanoi.

Another plan is to travel to the Red River Delta, where you can ride a sampan boat through breathtaking landscapes, including endless rice terraces and karst mountains. The Pù Luông Nature Reserve is a fantastic place for hikers who like to be active and wander off the usual path.

You'll take a shuttle from Hanoi to this pristine region in the south, which spans about 44,000 acres of lush valleys and terraced hills filled with ethnic settlements.

You'll spend the night and eat meals that local folks prepare in their homes after your daily walks. A few kilometers are covered by trails each day as you travel between villages, passing through forests and rice paddies, pausing at waterfalls, having picnics, and taking in the sunset from breathtaking vantage points.

Ten Days


You can start your 10-day trip through Vietnam in Hanoi. You will find a terrific place to stay in Hanoi because lodging there is a fantastic steal.

My favorite stop of my vacation to Vietnam may have been Sapa. Higher altitude mountains near Sapa offer a welcome escape from Hanoi's oppressive heat.

The mountains and rice paddies create the most beautiful view. I enjoyed resting on a mattress in a cottage in the town on top of a hill while learning about the native way of life.

We hiked through little towns and rice paddies during the day. Then in the evening, we had local cuisine and sipped rice wine while trading travel tales.

My two-day, three-night tour of Sapa included a train ride, a guided walk, and basic accommodation and fits in with this jam-packed schedule well!

After that, you may get a good sense of the region by sailing for two days in Halong or Bai Tu Long bays and seeing many islands, caves, and vistas. Kayaking around these stunning islands was one of the primary joys of my trip.

Hue, which once served as the nation's capital and is now home to the historic imperial city, is a beautiful destination to spend at least one day there. As we only had ten days in Vietnam, two days was enough to visit the highlights.

A must-do in Hue is to see the Imperial City of Hue. The Vietnam emperors once resided here, and it is currently being gradually renovated to its original splendor.

It's best to get here early to avoid the crowds, giving you enough time to see nearby temples or go on a motorcycle trip.

My favorite town in Vietnam was Hoi An. With its vibrant structures filled with temples and pagodas and embellished with hundreds of lanterns, Hoi An's Old Town exudes appeal.

It has a calm atmosphere, and you could easily spend two days simply exploring the charming stores and eating at all the beautiful cafés and restaurants. But when vibrant lanterns illuminate the river in the evening, Hoi An comes to life.

Ho Chi Minh, also known as Saigon, was my last destination. Ho Chi Minh was much more developed and contemporary than the historic Hanoi city center.

Since you only have limited time in HCMC, consider joining a city tour to quickly explore the city's highlights. Day visits to the Chu Chi Tunnels and the Mekong Delta are also quite accessible here.

Fourteen Days

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Let's begin your 14-day tour from Hanoi. Although there are many attractions in the capital city of Vietnam, you may see the main ones in a day or two.

I recommend seeing the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum first. The earlier you arrive, the better because there could sometimes be a line.

There are a few more sites you may visit during the day. The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, the Vietnam Military History Museum, Hoa Lo Prison, the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, and the Temple of Literature are a few options I'd recommend.

You would depart from Hanoi to go northwest to the Sapa area. Sapa is well-known for its ethnic minority cultures and jungle hiking.

Although there has been some improvement recently, you need to go further to get actual encounters. It takes roughly 8 hours to get to Sapa by train from Hanoi.

Halong Bay is a must-see while traveling to Vietnam. For this route, I recommend spending one night in Halong Bay while boarding one of the junk boats.

After spending time at this location, I suggest touring Ninh Binh, located 100 kilometers south of Hanoi. It boasts stunning karst limestone mountain sceneries with rivers meandering amongst them.

Tam Coc and Trang An are two places you should check out after you get to Ninh Binh. Rice fields and riverbanks give way to karst limestone mountains.

I would advise Trang An if you only have time to see one. It's terrific to take a bike from your lodging and pedal there.

The next stop might be Hue. Hue, an ancient center of power, served as Vietnam's capital for about 150 years, beginning at the turn of the 1800s.

The Imperial City, a vast complex where the emperors resided and oversaw their empires, is the primary attraction in Hue. You can go there and enjoy it for several hours.

You can visit Hoi An and My Son before resting at Nha Trang beach. One of Vietnam's well-known beach resorts in Nha Trang.

But don't picture a peaceful tropical vacation. This beach has seen a lot of development and is frequently used for parties.

You might enjoy it here if you enjoy going out to bars. You will enjoy it here if you like to sunbathe. You may also relax here for the day if that's what you want to do.

Lastly, exploring and becoming fully immersed in Saigon's culture is the ideal way to wrap up your time in Vietnam. Make the most of your first day to become acquainted with the area and take in the sights.

These include the City Hall, the Ben Thanh Market, the Museum of Vietnamese History, the War Remnants Museum, and the Reunification Palace. You'll see many hip cafés and eateries in Ho Chi Minh City's heart.

Ho Chi Minh City may be the starting point for day journeys to the Mekong Delta and the Cu Chi Tunnels. It would be a perfect trip if you could include the Mekong delta in the last of your plans.

Top 3 Package Holidays To Vietnam For Family With Kids

Is Vietnam a fantastic destination for family vacations with children? What can families do, and where should they go in Vietnam?

First, you'll get the opportunity to sample some of the most excellent food in the world, including dishes suitable for kids.

You and your children may visit Vietnam with various group tour operators for family-friendly holidays. Adventure trips with a small group are a terrific way to explore as much as possible in a short amount of time with minimal hassle, effort, and lost time in planning transportation, lodging, and food.

Here are the top 3 tours my friends and I had the opportunity to experience.

Taste of Vietnam 11 Days26 ReviewsBest

Taste of Vietnam 11 Days

100% Price Beat Guarantee
No hidden costs
  • Depart Time:Daily
  • Starts/Ends:Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh
  • Tour type:Private, Group
  • Travel Style:Heritage Tours, Family Tours, Culture & History
  • Activities:Walking tours, Cultural, religious and historic sites tours, City sightseeing tours
  • Suitable for:Family, Group, Couple
  • Age range:1 To 90 Years
  • Operated in:English, French, Spanish, German, Italian
26 Reviews



Price From


My children learned a lot about history on the Hanoi city trip. We went around historical landmarks like the Temple of Literature and the One Pillar Pagoda, which combine ancient and modern history.

The guide took my kids to a traditional water puppet show if you can. It was an excellent idea for children to enjoy the fireworks, performances, music, and a unique taste of the local culture.

Our guide then drove us to Ben Tre. Our children were instantly pleased by the river's fresh air, and the beautiful tropical islands that lined its banks.

We arrived and checked around a few local businesses to see many outstanding examples of how locals manufacture their crafts using time-honored methods.

Kayaking along the romantic canals to enjoy a one-of-a-kind view of the Mekong River's serene beauty and rural life made my day.

On the ninth day of the excursion, we visited the Cu Chi Tunnels to investigate the enigmatic tunnels and look for secret passageways and once-lethal traps.

Aside from the apparent thrills, this was one of the most historically rich and instructive trips we could do in Vietnam.

All in all, this tour was well-organized and educational. Our kids learned a lot from it.

Highlights of Vietnam 10 Days21 ReviewsFree visa

Highlights of Vietnam 10 Days

100% Price Beat Guarantee
No hidden costs
  • Depart Time:Daily
  • Starts/Ends:Ho Chi Minh/Hanoi
  • Tour type:Private Tours
  • Travel Style:Heritage Tours, Family Tours, Culture & History
  • Activities:Walking tours, Sightseeing Tours, Cultural, religious and historic sites tours, City sightseeing tours
  • Suitable for:Solo, Family, Group, Couple
  • Age range:1 To 90 Years
  • Operated in:English, French, Spanish, German, Italian
21 Reviews



Price From


On the 3rd day of the tour, we were overwhelmed by the variety of cuisines available at the Cai Rang floating market. Has Vietnamese vermicelli soup ever caught your attention? Get there and take it!

If your child is a vegetarian and cannot enjoy this unique Vietnamese noodle dish, take them to the orchard. Vietnam is famous for its hundreds of culinary fruits, and you will quickly understand why.

The Delta is a paradise for durian, mango, rambutan, mangosteen, and other delicious fruits you can't find in supermarkets in Europe and America. So, the trip to the orchards will be a memorable imprint in the memory of your children.

One of my favorite stops is Hoi An. We took part in authentic rural Vietnamese living in Tra Que Village.

After learning about the village's past, our children saw how veggies are grown daily. They participated in farming tasks like gathering seaweed fertilizer, planting, raking, watering, and picking.

Our cultural immersion continued as we participated in the family cooking class—my kids like eating. Vietnamese cuisine is very kid-friendly. Additionally, they enjoyed the gratification of cooking their own food.

Overall, the experience was excellent. In every city, the tour guides were first-rate, friendly, and informed about the surroundings and attractions.

The car, the driver, and the transfers were all comfortable. I suggest it to anybody looking for a tranquil, pleasant tour.

Amazing North of Vietnam 8 Days

Trang An

We will never forget our trip to Trang An, where we looked at breathtaking mountains and mysterious caves. The dark routes weaving through the caves will surely satisfy the curiosity of adventurous children.

Another exciting activity on this list is a sail across Halong Bay. It is well known that this region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

All visitors will have the opportunity to understand the Vietnamese way of life as they explore places like the Cua Van floating hamlet, Tien Ong Cave, and Viet Hai village.

Additionally, spending time in Tien Ong Cave will be rather memorable because these locations are completely unspoiled and secure for your kids to kayak, swim, and even snorkel while taking in the karst and limestone mountain surroundings' hidden beauty.

All in all, this tour was a favorite of our children's lengthy itinerary of Vietnam vacations. The spectacular geography and geology of the islands fascinated me.

From Hanoi to the dock, Asia Tour Advisor effortlessly transported us. We were picked up from the cruise ship promptly as well, and we were then driven directly to the airport for departure.

Top 3 Holiday Packages In Vietnam For Seniors And Over 50s

Holiday seniors and over 50s

Travelers are increasingly choosing to visit Asian nations. Vietnam is among the most popular travel locations. Millions of individuals worldwide, particularly retiree visitors, have been drawn to this stunning country by its numerous breathtaking natural attractions.

Senior travelers appreciate their free time in Vietnam. However, to ensure their comfort throughout their vacation to Vietnam, they frequently demand particular services and needs due to their advanced age.

Before traveling, it is crucial to understand Vietnam's weather and environment. The majority of the time, older adults are sensitive to climate change.

Remember to look up the annual weather data for Vietnam. Because of their ages, they may have health issues when coming to a new environment.

Before visiting Vietnam, senior tourists should purchase medical tourism insurance to preserve their benefits if they sustain accidents or experience medical issues. If not, hospital bills could be expensive.

Vietnam is the perfect country for seniors or over 50s people since it is abundant with breathtaking locations and has a welcoming atmosphere for the elderly, as shown by:

  • Hanoi: The Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, has many attractions. But for older tourists, eating dinner in one of Hanoi's French-style mansions to end a fantastic day might be the only thing they remember about the city.

  • Ha Long Bay: In 1994, Halong Bay was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The bay's limestone islets are breathtaking to see in person. For elders, taking a boat around Halong Bay is fantastic.

  • Hue: Vietnam's first capital was Hue. It takes pride in its beautiful, aged Vietnamese architecture.

  • Da Nang: Following Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang is the third-largest city in Vietnam. It has Hai Van Pass, the tranquil Son Tra Peninsula, and the spectacular Marble Mountain.

  • Hoi An town: Hoi An gives visitors a look at 15–18 affluent eastern commerce towns. Elderly visitors cannot avoid the stunning antique buildings in this world-famous city.

  • Ho Chi Minh City: There are numerous tourist sites in Ho Chi Minh City, including the War Remnants Museum, the Jade Emperor Pagoda, the Cu Chi Tunnels, and the Reunification Palace. Visitors can walk through Binh Tay's local market to find a variety of tropical fruits for a more reviving treat.

There are other places that older travelers should visit. We have some customers' reviews of the Asia Tour Advisor Company below. You can read to know more information and decide whether to book.

Best Cultural & Heritage Vietnam 12 Days

Halong bay cruise

I chose the Best Cultural And Heritage Vietnam 12 Days Tour of AsiaTourAdvisor Company for my parents' summer holiday. After returning from the trip, they were all pleased with the agency. They described it as a perfect and memorable experience.

At first, I was very hesitant to book a tour online with a business I did not know. However, after spending time researching the organization over a few months and comparing the cost of the same tour at other travel companies, I thought this business was the best one to work with.

We had several demands for our vacation to Vietnam, and AsiaTourAdvisor promptly and effectively responded to emails to ensure they met our requirements.

My parents began their journey in Hanoi, where a tour guide welcomed them at the airport and drove them to their hotel. The guides are fluent in English and have in-depth knowledge of their native land.

My parents visited Hue, Hoi An, and Saigon in addition to Halong Bay, where they spent a romantic night on a boat. Every one of the hotels selected was close to an attraction. My parents couldn't have made a better decision.

One bonus point we appreciate about this agency is that the activities were of the best quality, and the local travel guides were kind, considerate, and incredibly personal. My parents were too old to join many activities in a day. Luckily, the company arranged the plan reasonably so that my parents could enjoy the places in good health.

Vietnam Family Holidays 14 Days

Hoi An

After my parents' trip to Vietnam, we introduced the Asia Tour Advisor Company to my friend because she wanted to travel to Vietnam with her family. They had a lot of compliments for this agency after completing the tour.

Ms. Tham from the Asia Tour Advisor Company offered a reasonable price and a detailed schedule for traveling throughout Vietnam.

My friend initially only intended to reserve a brief excursion from Hanoi to Pu Luong as her family wasn't anticipating a lengthy vacation.

However, Ms. Tham enquired if she should provide an offer for the length of their vacation. The company provided my friend with options and advice on making the most of our two-week trip to Vietnam.

They were also happy with their tour guide - Mr.Huan. He was good at English; there was no language barrier between them.

My friend's parents were so impressed by Mr.Huan because he was so kind and patient with us. He spent seven days with them in Halong Bay, Hanoi, and Sapa.

Halong Bay was visible in stunning detail. They also took part in taichi, cooking, swimming, and kayaking.

The supper on the boat was pretty good and extravagant. The hotel in Hanoi was terrific, and it was a particular highlight of my friend's fantastic Azalea Cruise vacation to Halong Bay.

The people in Vietnam were so friendly and helpful too. My friend's parents were so happy with the activities, the food, the accommodation, and the services the agency provided.

They said they would recommend this agency to everyone who intends to visit Vietnam.

Best of Vietnam Tour 13 Days

Ninh Binh

I booked a 13-day tour in Vietnam for my grandparents last month. The Asia Tour Advisor Company still made my grandparents happy as they did on my parents' trip before.

My grandparents were almost 60, so they wanted a relaxing trip, and the agency arranged the plan under their requirements. The email replies were quite fast, the information was thorough, and their suggestions were brilliant.

The meals they planned for my grandparents in the renowned restaurant they visited were delicious. My grandparents' satisfaction with their services was outstanding. Their tour guide was competent and excellent.

The trip was a fantastic way to see the Mekong Delta, Hoi An, Halong Bay, and Ninh Binh. Each city provided us with knowledgeable tour guides, and the driver and junk ship crew were all excellent.

My grandparents have been to Ninh Binh, Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Ho Chi Minh City, Halong Bay, and the Cu Chi tunnels. Next, they took a tour of the Mekong Delta, passing by islands with verdant vegetation and little rural communities like My Tho and floating markets.

With a solid and effective balance between prices and benefits, pick-up and every type of comfort are provided. Vietnam is a great nation that everyone should see, but the vacation was excellent thanks to the effort of the travel agency.

Top 3 Holiday Packages Vietnam For Adventurers

The bizarre landscape of Vietnam is ideal for a wide range of adventure vacations. Swim across islands, stroll through isolated towns, camp within the world's most enormous caverns, or ride a bike through hills and down the coast.

Here are three exciting suggestions for your upcoming vacation to Vietnam.

Vietnam Off The Beaten Track 14 Days

Hoang Su Phi

The 14-day itinerary visits pristine, isolated villages to learn about the culture of the various ethnic minorities and to take in the stunning mountain scenery in Vietnam's North West. The unique activity in this journey is Hoang Su Phi trekking.

In addition to having some of the most beautiful rice terraces in Vietnam, Hoang Su Phi is remote, with unexplored mountains and valleys. Local ethnic groups that have lived here for a long time and kept their traditions and customs intact makeup most of the population.

Traveling to Hoang Su Phi in the Autumn was fortunate since it fell around the period when rice is harvested and changes from green to golden. The many shades of golden rice on the terraces descending the valley truly make for a beautiful scene, making me feel as though I'm in a pristinely golden paradise.

Our English-speaking guide and our kind local guide ensured we had a great day. They provided a wealth of information on Vietnam, focusing mainly on the indigenous way of life.

We stayed with local families, loved the delicious cuisine, stunning scenery, and getting to know locals while hiking. For all of us, it was a fantastic experience.

Visit Remote Hilltribe Villages in North Vietnam 5 Days

Ma Pi Leng pass

A shorter-day option for the adventurous is this Visit Remote Hill Tribe Villages in North Vietnam 5 Days tour.

On the third day, we resumed our driving adventure to the Dong Van karst area. On the way, we saw a Hmong village and the Palace of the Hmong King.

After a little break for lunch, we resumed our journey to Meo Vac town. We stopped several times to take in the view and photograph Ma Pi Leng pass.

The Ma Pi Leng pass is located in the towns of Pai Lung and Pa Vi in the northern Vietnamese province of Hà Giang. It's a spectacular location visible from several areas around; I also advise using a boat to go there by the water.

One of the world's seven wonders is the Ma Pi Leng pass. The pass provides interesting trekking trails along the mount and breathtaking landscapes.

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience that I recommend to anyone who enjoys hiking in a serene, breathtaking setting.

Pu Luong Eco Trekking 3 Days / 2 Nights

Muong people

If you only have a few weekends off, leave your busy life in the city for the peaceful nature of Pu Luong. You can settle down in an evening's homestay with a local family who will welcome you after a brief walk around the hamlet.

Moving on from the city, you may travel to Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Considerable numbers have lived in this area, which has a large agricultural land area.

There are numerous Muong and Thai villages. One of the most significant villages for climbing and trekking is Puluong.

The landscape varies between mountains and jungle to rice terrace fields as you hike up and down. The picturesque Hieu village is perched atop a slope of falling rice terraces and spans two flowing waterfalls, whose easy-to-climb limestone boulders are perfect for climbers.

Alternatively, you may unwind in some reviving natural pools before sitting down to a hearty family supper prepared with fresh, local ingredients. Without a doubt, it was the highlight of my trip to Vietnam.

Top 3 Vietnam Holiday Packages At The Beach

Vietnamese beach

Finding the ideal beach for your trip can be stressful with Vietnam's abundance of beaches. Here is everything you need to know about organizing a trip to Vietnam's beaches to make it simpler.

The first thing you should care about is the time when to come. Because of typhoons, the summertime in Vietnam is often highly stormy and rainy, making late September to early March the ideal time to travel there.

Nevertheless, the climate and wet seasons vary based on whether you travel north or south due to the country's length. Then it would help if you thought of what beaches to visit because you will have many options when searching for a beach.

Nevertheless, some are marginally superior to others. The beaches that our customers love the most are listed below.

  • Hue: Lang Co is undoubtedly Hue's top beach. It is a fantastic hidden place for a tranquil beach trip because it is off the beaten path.

  • Da Nang: Non Nuoc is the beach in Da Nang that is most popular. The resorts are lovely for a worry-free stay, giving comfort, good service, and perfect amenities. Its broad beaches and azure waters are suitable for unwinding under beach umbrellas.

  • Nha Trang: The most popular beach vacation spot in Vietnam is Nha Trang, also referred to as the Vietnamese Riviera. Nevertheless, the city's nearby beaches are frequently packed throughout the summer because of their popularity.

  • Mui Ne: When it comes to travel destinations, Mui Ne is unrivaled. The waves here are perfect for surfing.

  • Phu Quoc: The most stunning island in Vietnam is frequently cited as being Phu Quoc. The island is primarily undeveloped, making it ideal for tourists who value nature and want a straightforward beach experience.

Here we introduce you to some tours from Asia Tour Advisor that may help you find a perfect beach. This agency is famous for providing excellent service and an enthusiastic working attitude.

Vietnam Beach Holiday 12 Days

Queen's Beach in Vietnam

Vietnam is undoubtedly the right location for you if you're searching for a leisurely vacation where you can enjoy and explore exquisite white-sand beaches and azure seas with clean water. Vietnam Beach Holiday 12 Days will provide you with an exciting, North-to-South experience that you will enjoy.

One of my friends recommended me to the AsiaTourAdvisor Company, and I feel so pleased with their services and tour guide's attitude. My family had a super enjoyable trip thanks to this agency.

We traveled to many famous places in Vietnam, including Ha Noi, Ha Long Bay, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh city, Phu Quoc island, and Can Tho. A tour guide with a welcome signboard was waiting for us when we arrived at the airport.

She was very friendly and enthusiastic. We didn't need to be concerned about being taken advantage of because the agency provided us with helpful information regarding lodging and transportation.

From the minute we landed at the airport until the day we left for home, the tour guide - Ms.Hong assisted us every step of the way; she never let us down, and we appreciated it. She always planned perfect itineraries for us.

Ms.Hong planned our trip so that we could make the most of our time. She is dependable, courteous, and professional. Another advantage is that this agency's fee is reasonable.

More than that, one thing that satisfied me on this trip was the agency gave us private space to self-enjoy and explored surrounding areas and sites, which I hardly saw in other tour vacations. The tours of Halong Bay and Siem Reap were great.

Phu Quoc Adventure 2 Days

Phu Quoc island

If you are not a big fan of long travel tours but still want to visit Vietnam beaches, Phu Quoc Adventure 2 Days is an ideal packing tour. My boyfriend and I had a perfect time at Phu Quoc beach thanks to the AsiaTourAdvisor Company.

We knew in advance that Phu Quoc is so famous among Western countries. Everyone lists Phu Quoc as a must-go place when they plan to travel to Vietnam.

Therefore, we are not an exception. In recent years, Phu Quoc has quickly transformed from a peaceful island quiet to a must-visit beach getaway for sun-seeking visitors, encircled with white-sand beaches and extensive tracts still shrouded in deep tropical vegetation.

The agency provided us with a lot of exciting activities that I am going to describe now. Our trip lasted only two days, but we tried many new and fascinating things.

On the morning of the first day, I had the opportunity to visit Sim Winery - a famous place for wine lovers, and Coconut Prison - a must-watch site for historical lovers.

After having a delicious lunch in a local restaurant, we rested on one of the island's immaculate beaches for a while. In the afternoon, we enjoyed fresh seafood at Ham Ninh Fishing Village. The cuisine there was so enjoyable.

On the second day, the tour guide - Mr.Thong, took us to MongTay Island, where we could swim and sunbathe. The water is crystal-clear and blue, and the beach is stunningly white. We were deeply in love with this place.

Additionally, Mr.Thong spoke English well and had a good sense of humor. He also explained the safety and environment clearly. He made our trip even better than we expected. We highly recommend this tour if you plan to visit Phu Quoc beach!

5 Day In Pearl Island Phu Quoc

Pearl Island

After having a fantastic 2-day trip to Phu Quoc island, I decided to go there again with my family. Because my parents wanted more days to relax here, I chose the 5 Days In Pearl Island Phu Quoc tour for the second time.

I still had a good impression of this agency after this time. On the first day, we came to the hotel at 2:00 pm, checked in, then relaxed in our resort to be ready for the second day.

We explored many places the next day, including the Coi Nguon museum - a general overview of ancient and modern life in Phu Quoc, the Coconut Prison - a historical site for learning about the past, and the pearl cultivation farm to do some shopping.

My mom also bought some pearl necklaces as a gift for her friends. We had lunch with local cuisines in Sao Beach - one of the island's most stunning beaches, including white sand and pristine waters.

The food we had was so yummy and fresh. We also went to Thoi Pier to experience the crowded fish market on the seashore.

My parents were so excited about this market. On day three, we visited some islands, such as Thom island, Mong Tay island, and Gam Ghi island, to catch fish and swim.

We took many pictures together and enjoyed the great atmosphere of these islands. We spent the whole of day four discovering nearby places and resting on Pearl island.

My family had a lot of good comments about the tour guide - Ms. Lan, for her enthusiasm and friendliness. She took care of my family so well. I will introduce this trip to my friends!

Top 3 Vietnam Highlights Holiday Packages

Traveling to Vietnam

If you think of traveling to Vietnam soon, please stop to read some helpful posts below. There will be several things that you should consider.

The time to arrive is the first item you should be worried about. Due to typhoons, Vietnam's summer is notoriously windy and wet, so late September to early March is the best time to visit.

However, because of the nation's length, the weather and wet seasons fluctuate depending on whether you are moving north or south.

After choosing a suitable time to visit Vietnam, do research to define where to select for your tour. Below are some activities that may interest you.

  • Discover Hanoi's diverse cuisine, impressive structures, and the breathtakingly picturesque Halong Bay UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Visit the ethnic communities, trek through the stunning rice terraces, and learn about local customs and culture in Sapa.

  • Spend the night and explore Halong Bay's breathtaking scenery.

  • Discover Hoi An's way of life while admiring the picturesque alleys and old-world architecture.

  • Visit Saigon's Central Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Reunification Palace (or War Memorials Museum) in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Explore floating markets, the Mekong River Delta, and local handicraft communities.

We also provide you with some tours from the AsiaTourAdvisor agency. We hope reading these posts will help you plan your ideal Vietnam trip.

Highlights Of Central Vietnam 7 Days

Golden Bridge, Da Nang

I accidentally found the Highlights of the Central Vietnam tour when searching for a short-day trip in Vietnam. After reading some descriptions and overall comments, I decided to book that tour. The holiday is mainly about the central cities in Vietnam, including Hue, Hoi An, and Da Nang.

Danang becomes the ideal location for both long and short trips, for beach lovers or adventure lovers, as it is only a 30-minute drive from Hoi An Ancient Town and three hours from Hue Imperial City.

I went to Vietnam with three of my friends. A tour guide - Ms. Hong - welcomed us at the airport in Da Nang. She gave us a brief overview of the area when transferring to Hoi An.

She is an understanding and kind person. She was the core of a strong team and had a great sense of humor.

The most beautiful place we remember about Hoi An is Hoi An Ancient Town. Walking there at night with my beloved friends was an unforgettable memory.

After Hoi An, we moved to Hue by car. It's about a three-hour drive from Hoi An. We visited many famous historical places in Hue, representing Vietnam's epic stories.

Leaving ancient Hue, we moved to Da Nang. I highly recommend Bana hills because they have an excellent view and a stunning bridge.

We spent our last day enjoying swimming and surfing on the beach. Ms. Hong gave us a lot of helpful advice, so we found a place to buy souvenirs for our friends at affordable prices.

At the end of the trip, we were all pleased with the Asia Tour Advisor Company. If you need assistance with only a limited portion of your vacation to Vietnam, we still advise using this agency for advice and choosing the best tour to suit your needs.

Vietnam Discovery 12 Days

Halong Bay

Another friend of mine also experienced a good trip with the AsiaTourAdvisor Company. Her holiday is named Vietnam Discovery 12 Days. She booked this trip for her boyfriend and her. After the holiday, they had so many compliments on this agency.

Picking them up at the airport is a tour guide named Tuan. He was accommodating and understanding when my friend had questions.

Because her trip lasted for 12 days, she went to many areas of Vietnam, including Hanoi Capital, Ha Long Bay, Da Nang, Hoi An, Buon Me Thuot, Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnels, and Can Tho.

Even though there was a long trip, the agency organized it very well. All of their tours were excellent and ran smoothly and on schedule.

Mr. Tuan usually checked to ensure everything was fine, and my friends were pleased with their service. Her tour guide also spoke English well, which made the trip more successful.

The tour's highlight is a cruise across Ha Long Bay, which includes many activities (kayaking, stopping at fishing towns, delicious lunches, etc.). The scenery where my friends stayed was simply breathtaking. The meal was excellent, and all restaurants were of the highest class.

My friend's boyfriend was excited about elephant riding in Buon Ma Thuot. Riding those elephants was challenging but worthwhile. It was born for people who love adventure.

My friends had a good time in Vietnam. She said she would recommend the Asia Tour Advisor Company to all her friends.

Spectacular Vietnam Vacation

Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam

To assist in organizing our family of five trips to Vietnam, I emailed Asia Tour Advisor Company. As a family, we've taken many vacations, but on our journey to Vietnam, we need some help.

This company handled everything professionally and effectively. Tham, our tour guide, quickly responded to any questions I sent her via email and accommodated all of my requests for the trip.

She made our trip easygoing and stress-free. She kept in touch with me the entire trip to ensure everything was going as planned.

She constantly supervised the weather and gave me some excellent suggestions. She also recommended some beautiful hotels to me.

We saw everything from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, and the Halong Bay cruise was the highlight of our entire journey. Sang, our local guide for the trekking and Sapa Town, was very knowledgeable, and we liked the time with her. Mr. Hong, who greeted us in Hanoi, was also very helpful.

Leave time to relax at the beautiful resorts they select when preparing for an extended vacation like our trip. You should research restaurants before visiting them since they want to serve safe food, but you should also be active about what you need. We adored the resorts picked for us in Can Tho and Hoi An!

I can't express enough how great the Vietnamese people and the staff at Asia Tour Advisor Company are. We could have traveled for less ourselves because the cost of our 12-day tour was so affordable.

Once again, I want to thank Asia Tour Advisors Company for their efforts to make our trip the most memorable!


Is Vietnam a good place for a holiday?

Due to its beautiful nature, Vietnam is a well-liked tourist destination. Saigon and Hanoi, two of the bustling cities in Vietnam, are where many tourists decide to start their vacation.

Is it cheap to holiday in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a cheaper destination than Europe and North America due to its location in Southeast Asia.

How many holiday days are in Vietnam?

There are 17 recognized public holidays in Vietnam and ten local celebrations.

Tet, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, is the most significant national festival.

What is a popular holiday in Vietnam?

The biggest and most significant event in Vietnam is the Lunar New Year, often known as Tet.

Do Vietnamese celebrate Christmas?

It might surprise you to learn that Vietnam and other Southeast Asian nations regularly celebrate Christmas. You can see Christmas streets in the center of big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

When should I go to Vietnam?

The ideal time to travel to Vietnam is between March and April when temperatures are warmer and rainfall is minimal.

Is Vietnam a beach holiday?

With over 2,000 miles of coastline and a few well-known island attractions, Vietnam boasts many stunning beaches. Therefore, this country is absolutely the best destination for a beach holiday.

How many days are enough for Vietnam?

The best time to travel to Vietnam is around ten days. It takes at least this long to immerse yourself in this rich culture.

Where is the best place to holiday in Vietnam?

Vietnam's most well-known tourist attraction, Halong Bay, is famous for a reason. You will be satisfied by Halong Bay's hundreds of limestone islets strewn over the emerald-colored water.

Admire this wonder in the following video!

Final Thoughts

The information above will help you plan a fantastic holiday to Vietnam! Check out our selection on AsiaTourAdvisor to find a good option!

If you have any queries or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our expert team. We can provide you with specific advice, so you don't have to do everything on your own. Have a nice trip!

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