Best Month To Visit Phu Quoc: Written by a Local Guide in VietNam


Phu Quoc Overview

Before answering ‘Which season should we travel to Phu Quoc?’ Let's learn some details about this island’s weather and what it offers to know if it’s worth visiting!

Phu Quoc Weather And Climate


View From Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc has a tropical monsoon climate with two main seasons: dry and wet.

The dry season runs from November to April. During these months, the weather is sunny, with clear skies and less humidity. Daytime temperatures range from 77°F to 95°F (25°C to 35°C).

The wet season lasts from May to October, peaking in July to September. This period brings more rainfall, making the island lush and green.

Although there are occasional heavy rain showers in the wet season, they don't last long, and the island's tropical beauty becomes even more captivating. Humidity is higher, and there are occasional thunderstorms.

Is Phu Quoc A Worth-Visit Island?


Phu Quoc Is A Worth-Visit Island

Yes. With pristine beaches, lush landscapes, diverse nature, and unique cultural offerings, Phu Quoc is undoubtedly worth visiting for travelers seeking a tropical paradise and water adventures.

  • Beautiful beaches: This place has some of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia, like Long and Sao Beaches, with clear waters and soft sand.

  • Amazing sunsets: You'll love the sunsets on the island, especially in Dinh Cau Night Market. What could be more interesting than watching the sun go down, painting the sky with orange and pink shades?

  • Diverse nature: Phu Quoc has a bit of everything, including lush forests, clear waters, and coral reefs. You can also explore the natural beauty at the National Park and Vinpearl Safari, with their hiking trails and wildlife.

  • Famous fish sauce: The island is known for having some of the best fish sauces globally. You can visit fish sauce factories to see how it's made using traditional methods passed down through generations.

  • Cultural attractions: You can check out local markets and cultural sites like Ho Quoc Pagoda to get a taste of the island's way of life. There are also various local foods to try.

  • Water adventures: Phu Quoc won't disappoint if you love the water. There are many things to do in Phu Quoc, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water activities.


Swim In Phu Quoc

What To Eat In Phu Quoc?

Phu Quoc is a haven for food enthusiasts, with a delightful array of dishes that showcase the island's rich culinary heritage. Here are some must-try foods here:

  • Seafood: Given its coastal location, Phu Quoc is renowned for its fresh and diverse seafood. Try grilled squid, crab, prawns, and fish in various local styles.

  • Herring Salad: When you come to Phu Quoc, you must definitely eat herring salad! This dish is a refreshing and zesty mix of fresh herring, vegetables, and herbs.

  • Grilled mackerel: It's a popular street food in Phu Quoc. The fish is marinated with turmeric and other spices before being grilled to perfection.

  • Ken vermicelli: This specialty features minced crab or mackerel, crisply fried to perfection. The dish is then combined with a flavorful mix of coconut milk, boiled fish broth, papaya, fresh herbs, and red chili.

  • Phu Quoc chicken: Phu Quoc chicken is tender and fragrant. It can be boiled or prepared in mouthwatering dishes such as simmered chicken in green chili, shredded chicken salad, or boneless chicken feet.

In addition to these famous specialties, Phu Quoc has other delicious dishes that foodies love, such as Melaleuca Mushrooms, Thot Not Honeycomb Cake, Kheo Cake, etc.

To taste these dishes, explore the local markets and street food stalls. There, you'll see how unique the cuisine here is.


Herring Salad

What Is The Best Month To Visit Phu Quoc?

Considering when to visit Phu Quoc, the top-notch time is in the dry season, ideally from December to March. The weather at this time is stable and suitable for a tropical vacation.

In these months, you can anticipate clear skies and lots of sun. Temperatures are for outdoor activities and chilling on the beach, ranging from 25°C to 33°C.

In the wet season, while the rain showers can be intense, they are often short-lived. In fact, the rain revitalizes the island's flora and fauna, making it an excellent time to capture the island's beauty in lush greenery.

In general, Phu Quoc has its own beauty in every season. The months from December to March will help you explore the island in the best weather conditions. Meanwhile, the months in the wet season are more suitable for those who don't mind occasional rain showers.

If you cannot arrange a time to visit during the dry season but do not want to encounter sudden rains, consider the transition period, April or October.

December-March: The Best Time To Visit In The Dry Season


In The Dry Season

December to March marks the dry season in southern Vietnam and is the prime time for an unforgettable island getaway with many things to see in Phu Quoc.

During the dry season, rain is a rare visitor to this island, leaving the skies clear, the seas calm, and the sun warm. With temperatures averaging around 27-35°C, these months offer a perfect dry climate for exploring all Phu Quoc offers.

What does Phu Quoc offer from December to March?

  • Sunny beach days

One of the best things about this time is the chance to enjoy the sun on Phu Quoc's gorgeous beaches. With the sun casting its benevolent rays, you can sprawl on the sandy shores, creating a haven of relaxation. You'll feel the gentle warmth seeping into your skin.

Besides sunbathing, this time is perfect for beach picnics and leisurely walks along the water's edge. You can spread a beach blanket and savor local delicacies such as fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and savory snacks.

December to March is also when you can admire the most beautiful sunsets. Clear skies allow the sun's rays to disperse in a way that bathes the island in a soft, golden light. The water, gently lapping against the shore, mirrors the radiant hues above.


On The Beach

  • Crystal clear waters and water adventures

Coming to Phu Quoc from December to March, you'll see the crystal clear blue waters, inviting you to plunge into the calm ocean.

This island allows you to join aquatic adventures to admire the vibrant marine life, whether you love swimming, snorkeling, or trying out water sports.

  • Explore more than just the beach!

While the turquoise sea is a major attraction, the dry season opens the door to other sights in Phu Quoc, including Tranh Stream, Pepper Gardens, VinWonders, and Vinpearl Safari.

In the midst of Phu Quoc's lush greenery, Tranh Stream is the most beautiful during the dry season. The gentle water flow, with the sun shining through the trees, creates a peaceful atmosphere. You can stroll along the banks, soaking in nature's beauty.

For those who love food adventures, the dry season is the best time to explore pepper gardens here. You get to see how pepper is grown, from planting to harvesting. The lack of heavy rains makes the journey smoother.

The absence of rain also means you can fully enjoy the outdoor attractions in VinWonders, from roller coasters with amazing views to water features. The bright colors of the park against the clear sky create a perfect setting for a day of laughter and fun.

For those who love animals, Vinpearl Safari is a must-visit at this time. With clear skies overhead, you get unobstructed views of the animals in their natural habitats, including lions, elephants, monkeys, and more.


Lions In Vinpearl Safari

Traveling tips from December to March

From December to March is the peak tourist time here. Homestays, hotels, and motels will be full soon. So, I recommend booking accommodation before coming here.

In these months, the weather's pleasant, so try a bit of everything: snorkeling, beach picnics, exploring pepper gardens, etc. Mix and match your activities for the best island adventure.

Also, the sun's no joke here. Remember to bring high-SPF sunscreen, a wide hat, and sunglasses. Staying hydrated is also important, so carry a water bottle with you.

April & October: Time Of Changing Seasons

If the dry season doesn't align with your travel plans, but you want to avoid sudden downpours, consider visiting the island in April or October.

These months are like the calm in between storms. They offer a blend of pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and the beauty of nature in transition.

In these months, it's not too hot, and the chances of rain ruining your plans are pretty low. The climate is cool with a gentle breeze, making it perfect for outdoor activities without breaking a sweat.

What does Phu Quoc offer in April and October?


Phu Quoc In April

  • The beauty of changing seasons

In April, the weather begins a gentle transition from dry to rainy. At this time, it's less sunny, but there is still no rain. You'll smell the scent of rain hanging delicately in the air. It's the perfect time for unhurried beach strolls.

By October, the end of the wet season, with less rainfall, Phu Quoc puts on a bright green coat after experiencing large and small rains. There are many things to explore, such as dense forests, vibrant flora, and hidden waterfalls.

  • Ideal time for bird-watching

For bird watchers, these months may offer the chance to spot local and migratory species in a more peaceful environment.

During April, you can see shorebirds, such as plovers and sandpipers, probing the sand for food along the coastlines to prepare for their migratory journey.

In October, songbirds, kingfishers, and raptors become more active as they take advantage of the diversity of insects and small prey after the wet season. You'll find them in the jungles, by the rivers, and even near hidden waterfalls.


A Bird In Phu Quoc

  • Skip the crowds

In April and October, you can enjoy the island's beauty without the usual crowds and long lines. I mean, you won't be jostling for space with tons of other tourists.

Whether you unwind on Long Beach or Ong Lang Beach or explore the secluded Sao Beach, you'll find plenty of space to stretch out and soak in the sun without the distraction of large crowds. Sounds great, right?

You will feel more clearly the gentle lapping of the waves. It'll become a soothing soundtrack, creating a perfect backdrop for a serene beach day.

Besides the beaches, other attractions have fewer tourists during these two months. You will feel free to venture into the lush National Park, discover historical sites like the Coconut Tree Prison, or immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Dinh Cau Night Market.

There's a sense of freedom to linger at points of interest, take in the surroundings, and truly absorb the unique charm of each place without the rush.


A Tranquil Phu Quoc

Traveling tips from December to March

During these two months, the weather changes erratically. So, the first thing you need to do is check the weather forecast to have the most favorable trip.

April is a bit of a weather mix, so pack a light jacket for cooler evenings and breathable clothes for the daytime. Meanwhile, October is lush green, so bring some comfy walking shoes for your nature explorations.

In addition, the weather at these times is unpredictable, with the possibility of rain (although low). So, bring a small umbrella or a poncho just in case.

May-September: Wet Season

Phu Quoc experiences rain, strong winds, and high humidity from May to September. This may sound like a downer. But traveling to this island during this season is not as bad as you think.

What does Phu Quoc offer in the wet season?


After A Rain

  • Tranquility and fewer crowds

One of the significant perks of going to this island during the wet season is the peace. Unlike the busy tourist times, you won't have to fight for tickets or wait in long lines for attractions.

Popular destinations like VinWonders and Vinpearl Safari become more accessible and enjoyable. Imagine having these places almost to yourself. It's like a VIP Phu Quoc tour!

  • The natural beauty

When the rain hits Phu Quoc, it makes everything greener, and the sound of raindrops on leaves creates a calming melody.

The thirsty soil drinks up the rain, and suddenly, everything seems to burst with life. The once-dry foliage perks up, and shades of green become more vibrant and varied. It's as if the entire island is taking a deep breath and embracing a new lease on life.

As rain showers drift away, they leave behind a mystical veil of fog and mist. The hills and forests become shrouded in this ethereal cloak, adding an air of mystery to the landscape. It's during these moments that Phu Quoc seems to whisper secrets of its ancient beauty.


A Waterfall In The Rain

  • Cost savings

Due to fewer tourists, hotels and services offer discounts and special deals. You can get the best offers on accommodations, tours, and more.

In other words, you can experience the same level of luxury for a much lower cost compared to the peak season. That’s a bargain, isn’t it?

  • Mushroom delicacies

Surprisingly, the wet season on this island is when various types of mushrooms flourish. So, there are various local dishes made with these mushrooms to taste, from flavorful soups to delicious stir-fries. You can savor these seasonal treats and buy them as gifts for your loved ones.

Traveling tips in the wet season

When visiting this island in the wet season, bring lightweight, quick-drying clothing and waterproof gear, including a rain jacket or poncho.

Besides, sturdy, comfortable footwear for exploring muddy trails and slip-resistant sandals for the beach are advisable.

Don't forget to check the weather forecasts and plan your activities accordingly. The wet season might bring unexpected showers, so keep your itinerary flexible. Be open to adjusting plans based on weather conditions.

If rainy weather accidentally hinders your outdoor activities, consider indoor attractions, such as museums, temples, and markets. Immerse yourself in the island's culture and history.

What Do You Need To Prepare Before Going To Phu Quoc?


Traveling Tips

To ensure you have a fantastic time on this tropical island, let's break down what you need to prepare before you go!

Weather Check

Like any trip, checking the weather is most important. No one wants to have sudden weather incidents during their journey, right? Make sure the weather suits your plans for the trip, whether in the dry or wet season.

Check Your Docs

Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your departure date. Look into visa requirements, as they vary depending on your nationality. Some people get visa exemptions, but others might need to sort it out beforehand.


Once you land, arranging transportation from the airport to your accommodation and from accommodation to attractions is vital.

You can take taxis or ride-sharing services on the island. Or, if you prefer to explore the island in freedom and privacy, rent a motorbike or scooter.

Accommodation Planning

Phu Quoc, especially during peak periods, has a surge in visitors. To avoid last-minute hassles, research and choose your accommodation in advance. This way, you can secure a room at your preferred resort and prevent unexpected price fluctuations.


A Resort In Phu Quoc


When you pack your luggage, think about the season. If it's November to April (the dry season), pack light with comfy clothes, sunscreen, a hat, and swim gear.

If it's May to October (wet season), add a raincoat, waterproof shoes, and quick-ry threads to the list. Don't forget your camera, chargers, and any meds you need.

Cash Or Card

While you can use credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) in tourist-friendly areas, you should have some Vietnamese Dong (VND) in cash, especially when dealing with local markets and smaller stalls. ATMs are scattered around the island, so don't worry about grabbing some cash when you need it.

Local SIM Card

Phu Quoc has solid network coverage, and with a local SIM, you'll breeze through your island adventures without worrying about hefty roaming charges.

You can pick one up at the airport or various shops around the island. It's a pocket-friendly way to stay in touch and access data for all your travel needs.

How Can You Go To Phu Quoc?


How Can You Go To Phu Quoc?

Whether in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, you can go to Phu Quoc easily with my following guide.

From Ho Chi Minh City

  • By bus and ferry

If you enjoy scenic journeys, you should choose this option. Head to the Mien Tay Bus Station and catch a bus to Rach Gia. Then, take a high-speed boat to Phu Quoc, departing at 8:00 AM, 8:45 AM, 9:00 AM, and 1:00 PM.

  • By plane

For a quicker and more convenient journey, hop on a plane from Tan Son Nhat Airport. There are about 15 flights daily; the flight takes approximately 1 hour.

As flights to Phu Quoc can be in high demand, especially during peak travel times, I recommend booking a month or two ahead to secure your airfare well in advance.

From Hanoi


Noi Bai Airport

  • By plane

First, take a flight from Noi Bai Airport to Tan Son Nhat Airport. Then, catch another flight from Tan Son Nhat to Phu Quoc Airport.

  • By plane, bus, and ferry

For the adventurous traveler, combining air, land, and sea transport is an exciting option. After going to Ho Chi Minh City by plane, take a bus or taxi to Rach Gia. Finally, embark on a ferry to Phu Quoc.

Otherwise, you can book a tour to Phu Quoc at Asia Tour Advisor. We will help you arrange travel, transportation, and accommodation.


What Is The Phu Quoc Rainy Season Like?

During the rainy season, there is occasional rainfall and strong winds. Even so, the showers are often short-lived, and the island transforms into lush greenery.

How Long Should I Stay In Phu Quoc?

The ideal stay duration in Phu Quoc depends on your preferences. For a relaxed beach getaway, 2-3 days are sufficient.

If you want to explore the island's attractions thoroughly, consider staying for a week to allow time for both leisure and sightseeing.

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Is September An Ideal Time To Travel To Phu Quoc?

September is ideal for those who don't mind occasional rain and seek a quieter atmosphere. This month, the island offers lush landscapes and lower accommodation prices.

Final Thoughts

The best month to visit Phu Quoc is from December to March when the weather is stable and suitable for a tropical vacation.

However, other times of the year also bring their own beauty, and I've ensured you know each season's characteristics for the ultimate Phu Quoc itinerary.

Now, if you're looking for a package tour to this beautiful island, look no further than Asia Tour Advisor! We have the best-tailored package for everyone, from short to long trips, from individual to family trips.

Book your tour now and have the best time in Phu Quoc!

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