Best tour service I’ve ever used

Nov 13, 2023

When we were planning our trip to Vietnam ,a friend recommended that we use Asia Tour Advisors to help plan our trip. Working through email and WhatsApp with Mr Hong made planning the trip both easy and exactly what we wanted. The company was both knowledgeable and flexible. For example, I had pre-booked a lot of the hotels with miles and the dates couldn’t be changed...they worked with us on this without issue or problem. Hong made great suggestions and listened to our concerns when planning the trip. He was happy to help us with “free days,” too and didn’t push us to do more activities (letting us explore on our own).

We used them for our Ha Long bay tours, tours of Hanoi, Hoi An and Ho Chinh Minh City. At each location, local guides and drivers met us, got us where we needed to be, and provided excellent tours. They were also flexible. As an example, when our Vietnam guides discovered that we at market and street food, they adjusted our tours and helped us eat at some of the darndest places (they also know where to take you if you aren’t that adventurous).
The service at this level, when you need it most, has endeared me to Hong and this company and if I could give a sixth star, I surely would.

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