Da Ban Stream


If the wide ocean that envelops Phu Quoc Island is not your main cup of tea, a little dipping in the waters inland will surely tickle your senses after hours of trekking and walking about. Situated just 6 kilometers (4 miles) to the northeast of Duong Dong is a nice surprise that is called Suoi Da Ban waterfalls. The falls are so named after the numerous table-like rock formations that litter the stream. “Suoi” means stream, “da” means rock while “ban” means table in Vietnamese. The stream tumbles into a white-water gentle roar against huge granite rocks.


In between the gradations are deep pools that are perfect for soaking under the tropical heat. Along the length of the stream are local flora that are worth the time snapping pictures such as wild orchid and ginseng. To reach Suoi Da Ban, take the road northwards to either Ganh Dau or Bai Thom from Duong Dong town center. Turn right at a fork after about 2 kilometers. All you need is just 1000 VND (US$0.05) as admission fee to the park. The same payment applies when you bring a motorbike. A mosquito repellent is advised as bugs abound in the area.

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