One of the most picturesque spots in South-East Asia, Inle Lake and surrounding region is an outstanding alternative to the historical sites of Bagan and Mandalay. Surrounded by hazy Blue Mountains, this lovely lake is home to the Inntha people, who construct villages on silts over the surface of the lake and farm floating islands created from mud and reed. The Inntha are also famous for their unique leg rowing. Some highlights of Inle are Phaung-daw Oo Pagoda (home to five Buddha images, said to have brought back to Myanmar from southern Thailand over 700 years ago), the wooden Nga Phe Kyaung monastery (a place to see the lovely “jumping cats”), and Ywama Village (Where various kinds of fruit and vegetables are sold from small boats at floating market day), Intein Pagoda home to the ruin pagodas of 500 years old built in Ancient Shan King era.

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