Located in the heart of the North, Lampang is also a good place for travelling within Northern Thailand. Lampang has a relatively dry climate relative to nearby provinces. Winter starts from November and lasts until March. Winter is characterized by dry, sunny, and quite pleasant days, and cool and occasionally foggy nights. Summer typically starts from March until June. The temperature could soar to 40 degrees Celsius in April. Lampang is a charming city of horse drawn carriages and province with the king’s stable of white elephants at the Thailand Elephant Conservation Center. Most visitors simply visit Lampang to see the Thailand Elephant Conservation Center, bypassing Lampang town on their way to Chiang Mai and provinces farther north. Less well-known tourist attractions in Lampang are thus mostly visited by locals. Among these are the Wang Kaeo waterfall and the Chae Son National Park, a compact yet charming park which combine a natural hot springs with large waterfalls.

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