Situated 220 kilometers (170 miles) north of Yangon, towards the northeastern end of Bago Region, Taungoo (also known as Toungoo) is a city renowned for its areca palms. It is said in Burmese proverb that for betel lovers, winning a trip to the city equals receiving unexpected good fortune. In addition, with its several eastern and western mountains where hardwoods like teak can be extracted, the main industry of Taungoo is forestry.


  • Location: Bago region, 220 km away from Yangon
  • Status: heaven for betel lovers
  • Population: about 121,000
  • Area: 10,644.9 square kilometers
  • Religions: Theravada Buddhists, Baptist, Roman Catholic Christians
  • Highlight: Pho Kyar Elephant Camp

Travelers usually spend their night rest at the city as it is located between the drive from Yangon or Golden Rock to Inle or Mandalay. Apart from being a notable overnight stop, Taungoo is among the kingdoms in Burmese history – Toungoo Dynasty which ruled Burma for 155 years, from the 16th to the 18th century. For those who are much into nature and animal, do not miss the chance to visit Pho Kyar, one of the two famous elephant camps of Myanmar (the other is Myaing Hay Won), about two hours of driving from Taungoo . When you are here, make acquaintance with friendly elephants, joining in elephant riding, and observing trunk shaking. In addition, being surrounded by such a verdant and refreshing landscape, you will find yourself at peace. Still, not so many people acknowledge this fact as there is nearly nothing left of the 8000 square meter citadel to see, apart from fragments of surrounding walls and isolated moat areas. Taungoo’s 500th celebration is on October 16th, 2010, with attractions reconstructions and renovations as well as statues restorations within the city. Also, there are plans for other special events such as sporting tournaments. By these movements, the potential of Taungoo tourism is indeed promising.

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