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Feb 02, 2015
Vipul and Aparna MankadUnited States

Thank you for organizing our tour of Vietnam and Cambodia. After that tour, we had several weeks of travel in India. Now, we have returned to the United States and have some time to respond to your email requesting feedback.
1. Price and Communication: We had a choice of selecting one travel agent from several in the United States, Canada, India and Vietnam. We knew that any travel agency in USA, Canada, or India would have to work with a local travel agent in Vietnam. They must add their profits in addition to yours. Therefore, price of a tour arranged from Vietnam should be lower than booking made indirectly through a foreign travel agent. Frankly, communication with US and Canadian travel agents was easier and more precise than with you. However, your price was lower for a tour that included four star hotels. Therefore, with some nervousness about communication and reliability, we booked the tour through your agency. Conclusion: Maintain a price lower than that offered by US and Canadian travel agents.
2. Reservation and Planning: You were very good in modifying the travel plans as often as we needed prior to booking. Since we like private tours (rather than a large group tour), ability to customize the tour to our needs was important. You did that very well. However, there were many errors in hotel names, dates, flight numbers, departure times and so on. These errors increased our anxiety. After our meeting in Hanoi, you reviewed the plan in detail. Only then, our anxiety was reduced. Our suggestion is to maintain flexibility but be more precise in communicating details of the plan.
3. Guides: The guide in Hanoi, Hue-Danang-Hoi An segment, Ho Chi Minh City and Siem Reap were excellent. The guide in Phnom Penh was acceptable but average.
4. Hotels: Selection of hotels was good. All hotels were clean, comfortable, safe and had good services.
5. Cars: Cars were good.
6. Meals: Breakfast in hotels was excellent. Lunches in Vietnam were excellent. In Phnom Penh, the guide did not take us to lunch but later, upon hearing from you, paid for lunch that we had taken at the hotel. Lunches in Siem Reap were below average.
7. Halong Bay Cruise was outstanding. Great service and food.
Since you gave us a cell phone and we could always contact you through email or phone, our anxiety was reduced. Please continue to provide cell phones to future privately arranged customers.
Overall, we had a very good experience. It is unlikely that we will come back to Vietnam again. However, we will gladly recommend your travel agency to others and will share your name as a preferred travel agent. Thanks again.
Vipul and Aparna Mankad

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