Thank you once again for a lovely adventure

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Hi DAVID. The trip to halong bay i found did exceed my expectations. I went on dragon pearl 3 for 2 day 3 night tour. I was very happy with the crew and host, they were very happy friendly people who made us feel very welcome and ensured we were safe and had lots of fun. The boat itself , i think was new was amazing too i thought, engines quiet, seemed very solid and the journey was very smooth and comfortable, the room i had was also better than i expected, very clean and cosy. if i went again i would choose everything the same as before. What everyone on our table of five commented on being the best was the food, it was absolutely amazing, extremely fresh and cooked perfectly and there was a lot!!! we were all very very happy with the food, i think i came back a stone heavier haha. prices were reasonable and the journey from the hotel not too bad either. i did recommend it to a couple in my hotel before i left as they couldnt decide which trip to take. Thank you once again for a lovely adventure. the barbecue on the beach also everyone commented on as being great idea. Cheers

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