Best Things To Do In Ha Giang & Top 10 Things To See [A Complete Guide]


Ha Giang Overview

Ha Giang is a province in Northeast Vietnam. Ha Giang has complicated terrain, leading to a diverse climate and culture. Let's learn some basics about Ha Giang to prepare for your dream Ha Giang tour!

Ha Giang Weather


Ha Giang in fog

Ha Giang belongs to the tropical monsoon climate zone. Due to its higher terrain, Ha Giang's weather in winter is noticeably colder than neighboring provinces.

The average temperature of Ha Giang is from 21.5 degrees to 24 degrees. The temperature can reach 40 degrees in the summer, especially in June.

In winter, the temperature here is very harsh. The temperature can drop below 0 degrees Celsius with some natural disasters such as frost, frost, and snow.

The average rainfall in Ha Giang annually is about 2300 - 2400m. The annual humidity here is usually 85%. In the rainy season, the high humidity is usually 88% and drops to only 81% in the dry season.

What Is The Best Month To Visit Ha Giang?

November is the best month to visit Ha Giang, especially when buckwheat flowers are in season. In addition, winter is exciting for cloud hunting.

Spring gives this place a picturesque beauty with gorgeous peach and plum blossoms. Summer is the season of green trees, while autumn is famous for golden terraced fields.

What To Expect?

  • Four-season beauty

In spring, Ha Giang is beautiful and vibrant. The warm sunshine makes the flower buds sleeping in the cold suddenly shine brightly.

Coming to Ha Giang this season, you can also participate in unique festivals of mountain ethnic groups.

The sun is a bit harsh in the summer, but that's okay. The terraced fields in the flood season are like a large mirror reflecting the sky, attracting tourists to see.

During the autumn, you can be overwhelmed by the brilliant golden color of the terraced fields. The golden ripened rice stretches endlessly layer by layer.

Although Ha Giang is a bit cold, gloomy, and lonely in winter, people cannot stop loving it. The pink of buckwheat, the yellow of mustard flowers, floating clouds, or the pink flames of gentle folk songs will warm the chilly skies.

  • Peaceful rocky plateau

The natural landscape in Ha Giang is still very pristine. Nature endows this land with peaceful beauty and majestic landscapes combining mountains, rivers, forests, terraced fields and many typical geological formations.

Not only the scenery but also the honesty, and friendliness of the people of Ha Giang will give you a feeling of peace. Crossing the road or going deep into the village, you will see the purity of the natural landscape and people.

  • Majestic and diverse scenery

Ha Giang offers visitors a series of diverse and majestic natural landscapes. Magnificent limestone mountains, green terraced valleys, ripe rice fields, and winding rivers create a charming and poetic picture.

Steep passes have become attractive places. The vast valleys and green terraced rice fields also create magnificent pictures that attract people's hearts.

  • Ha Giang people are gentle and hospitable

Ha Giang people are also well-known for their hospitality. People's honesty makes tourists feel very comfortable.

Their simple life makes many tourists want to experience it. Working with people here, you will have a fun and memorable experience.

How To Get There?


Get to Ha Giang by motorcycle

You can’t get to Ha Giang by airplane. You need to arrive in Hanoi before going to Ha Giang.

  • Private cars and motorbikes

It takes about 6-7 hours by motorbike. The route to Ha Giang is treacherous and convoluted. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your trip to Ha Giang, make sure you possess great driving skills and have driven on lengthy routes before!

  • Busses to Ha Giang

There are several buses that run between Hanoi and Ha Giang. You may select from a number of reliable bus operators offering different journeys between 16:00 and 21:00 at the My Dinh bus station.

To economize on travel time, if you are from the South or Central area, you can text the bus operator ahead of time to have them pick you up at the Noi Bai airport. If you want to catch some sleep before reaching your destination, I suggest taking the night bus.

During the day, the limousine vans are a very comfortable option. Bus and limousine tickets often have somewhat higher pricing for nine seats.

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How To Get Around?

  • Motorbike

The most convenient and entertaining method to get through Ha Giang is by motorcycle. Since the roads are often well-paved, driving is comfortable.

Ha Giang offers a wide range of motorcycle rental options. However, take care to select a new motorcycle registered for less than two years in order to assure safety when exploring this rugged terrain.

Consider scheduling a trip with a driver for added safety. It's a great pleasure to see Ha Giang from behind an easy rider.

  • Car

Another great way to get about Ha Giang is to rent a vehicle with a driver. Traveling in groups with friends or family benefits from a more flexible and proactive experience in terms of time and place when they take a cab.

You may also employ a driver to serve as a "tour guide" who will introduce you to intriguing locations and regional specialties. Make reservations well in advance to ensure that you will have a tour guide when you visit Ha Giang.

How Long Should You Stay In Ha Giang?

The minimum time I recommend for visiting Ha Giang is three days. However, if you extend your stay by two more days, you can see other incredible locations.

The Best Things To Do In Ha Giang

Ha Giang is one of Vietnam's most beautiful and charming tourist spot. So there are numerous amazing things to do there. Our list of the top things to do in Ha Giang includes some highlights.

Making Ha Giang Motorbike Loop


Ha Giang Motorbike loop

The Ha Giang Loop is an activity that combines everything on our list of the top things to do in Ha Giang. The Ha Giang loop begins and ends in Ha Giang City and lasts three to five days.

You will cross over high passes, take in the scenery that includes some of Southeast Asia's most striking mountain ranges. It's a good opportunity to learn about the distinctive customs of the local minorities.

You can do the Ha Giang motorbike tour by the following two routes:

  • Hoang Su Phi route

The ideal time to start your journey is from early September to mid-October. The expected duration of this route is 2 days and 1 night, with the itinerary starting from KM Milestone No. 0 Ha Giang.

Throughout this journey, you will visit famous places, such as Thong Nguyen, Nam Ty, Quang Vinh town, Ban Phung, Ban Luoc, Ho Thau, and San Xa Ho before returning Ha Giang city.

  • Ha Giang - Meo Vac

It's an ideal journey of 4 days and 3 nights. You also choose Ha Giang KM Milestone 0 as the starting point for this route.

Then, during the journey, you will visit well-known landmarks and conquer a series of famous slopes, such as Bac Sum Slope, Can Ty Slope, Tham Ma Slope, and Chin Khoanh Slope.

You can also visit the most-loved tourist spots, like Meo King's Palace, Dong Van Stone Plateau, Dong Van Ancient Town, Lung Cu Flagpole, Ma Pi Leng Pass, and Nho Que River.

Incredible Hikes On The Sky Path

Ma Pi Leng B is one of the famous passes in Ha Giang. It's another dangerous pass but with extremely charming scenery.

The first half is a fairly flat road to ride a motorbike. However, the second half is stone steps, so you must walk.

Although dangerous, difficult to find, and travel, the scenery at Ma Pi Leng B pass is extremely overwhelming with its vast, deep green mountains and forests. From here, you can see a large area of mountains and forests as far as the eye can see.

The cliff-side walking path in Ha Giang will lead you through many beautiful photo spots such as White Cliffs. You will encounter friendly ethnic people or simple villages.

It will certainly be an extremely wonderful experience for those who love to travel to explore and adventure.

Nho Que Boat Trip Through Tu San Alley


Nho Que Boat Trip

One of the most unforgettable experiences when traveling to Ha Giang alone is taking a boat on the Nho Que River. You can get close and enjoy the overwhelming majesty of Tu San Alley.

You can visit the dreamy Nho Que River any time of the year, but the most beautiful time is still November. At this time, the weather begins to turn cold, and the rocky cliffs become even wilder and more mysterious.

As you go down the river, you can admire the corn and terraced fields, or people fishing on the riverbank. Boating on the Nho Que River is one of the most attractive and interesting experiences you should not miss when visiting the Ha Giang tour.

Making Hemp Fabric

Looking down from Quan Ba heaven gate, Lung Tam is a small village nestling among rolling rocky mountains covered with fog. In Lung Tam, the Mong people have preserved the traditional craft of weaving linen for many generations.

Coming here, you will learn about the history and origins of this profession. Not only will you know about the stages of making linen, but you can also directly weave linen with a loom or experience rolling fabric on stone slabs.

It's your opportunity to learn and do new things that are not available anywhere else.

Dyeing The Indigo Clothes By Bee Wax

The Mong people have to go through a drawing beeswax stage to create a complete and beautiful traditional costume. This step also requires creativity and sophistication to create beautiful and interconnected patterns.

Visiting this village, you will meet Mong women. They will teach you the skills and techniques of drawing beeswax on linen and introduce unique cultural features in their traditional costumes.

You can learn more about traditional beeswax painting techniques. You can design and create your souvenirs in a new way using the traditional materials of the Mong people.

It only takes about 2-3 hours, you can complete a beeswax drawing on a piece of linen. The homeowner will do the remaining steps for you, such as indigo dyeing and drying.

Early the next morning, you will receive back the work you did as a meaningful souvenir after your trip.

Chasing Sunset


Sunset in Ha Giang

Conquering Chieu Lau Thi peak over 2000m high in June, you will have the opportunity to admire the sunset at 7 pm and the sea of clouds floating in a fairyland.

You can also watch the sunset from the top of the Lung Cu flagpole. The sunset makes many people bewildered by its gentle peace.

The afternoon light gently crept through the clouds, creating a brilliant light strip. When the fog completely disappears, you will admire the whole space as it gradually covers golden sunlight that glows orange-red in the mountain dew.

Top 10 Things To See In Ha Giang

Every time I travel to Ha Giang, it feels like the first time. It's still the excitement before the trip, the excitement and novelty of walking on the roads here.

I visit my favorite places on every trip, such as the Lung Cu flagpole, King Meo Palace, Quan Ba, and Yen Minh Pine Hill. After traveling to this land several times, here are 10 unique Ha Giang tourist destinations that I have experienced.

Buckwheat Flower Field


Buckwheat flower field

Buckwheat flowers bloom from September to December, covering many valleys and mountain sides on the Ha Giang rocky plateau. Tourists who come here are captivated and ecstatic about the gentle beauty of flowers and want to find a place to enjoy these flowers.

Tam Giac Mach flowers in Ha Giang have an incredible charm. The pale pink petals, adorned with a dreamy purple color, make the whole hill seem to be covered with a brilliant carpet of color.

Flowers grow and bring that strong vitality to dangerous cliffs. Because of the color of the Tam Giac Mach flower, even the rugged nature of the mountains and forests becomes gentle.

Quan Ba Heaven's Gate

Quan Ba Heaven Gate attracts most of the explorers. From this place, the majesty and earthly meeting point of the Northwest's mountains and woods is quite breathtaking.

From Quan Ba Heaven Gate, you can see the Twin Mountains (Co Tien Mountain), which also leaves a deep impression in the hearts of every visitor. This mountain is a masterpiece of creation that nature has given.

Because the road to Ha Giang Heaven Gate is very difficult, you must choose days with nice weather without rain or fog. It would help if you went on sunny days because the fog clears and it's easier and safer to travel.

Dong Van Ancient Town

An historic town constructed of stone in the 1920s is Dong Van Old Town. The old town has managed to hold onto its historic charm and nostalgic ambiance to this day.

When visiting Ha Giang, be sure to spend some time in the charming Old Town. The old buildings with yin-yang tiled roofs, the weekend market's hustle and bustle, the lanterns hanging on the sidewalks, the flavor of corn wine, and the place's rich Highland character all draw travelers.

Every Sunday is market day and the finest time to see the ancient town. You will get fully immersed in the way of life of the locals, who wear vibrant clothing and use characteristic forest and mountain agricultural goods.

Lung Cu Flagpole

Situated at 1,470 meters above sea level atop Dragon Mountain, the Lung Cu flagpole is revered as the nation's highest northern monument. To reach the national flag, you have to go up 140 tiny spiral staircases and up 839 steps.

Lung Cu flagpole is also one of the tourist destinations where you can check in and see the extremely beautiful buckwheat flowers. Buckwheat flowers bloom in the area around the Lung Cu flagpole.

The Lung Cu flagpole is open to visitors to visit and learn from 08:00 to 17:00 every day from Monday to Sunday. The opening schedule includes holidays.

Nam Dam Village

On the Ha Giang tourist map, Nam Dam village is still a brand new destination for tourists from near and far. Not all tourists know this land has a wild, peaceful village like Nam Dam.

Nam Dam Ha Giang village has a total natural area of 458 hectares and is the residence of the Dao ethnic people. On the wild, poetic land of Ha Giang, Nam Dam village appears with its authentic beauty, immersing itself in the majestic natural scenery of heaven and earth.

The fresh air and peace of the scenery will make you feel comfortable when you set foot in Nam Dam village. Looking from halfway up the mountain to the village, you can see the lovely small houses spread along the extremely outstanding valley.

Hoang Su Phi Terraced Fields


Hoang Su Phi terraced fields

The Hoang Su Phi Terraced Fields, which have been developed over hundreds of years, are acknowledged as a national relic. The highest terraced fields in Vietnam are found in the villages of Phung and Luoc in Hoang Su Phi.

Farmers in Hoang Su Phi designed their fields this way because there is not much water in the highlands, the terrain is rugged, and irrigation is difficult. This farming technique helps the water from above to flow down and evenly distribute to the fields in an extremely scientific way without wasting any effort.

From April to June, Hoang Su Phi's terraced rice heritage is covered with the green color of young seedlings. It's when the water flows from the high hills, spreading to the entire valley, and the bright sunlight shines down, creating a mirror reflecting the vast sky.

From September to October, this place will change into a shiny yellow shirt, with ripe rice plants swaying gradually with the wind from top to bottom, looking extremely eye-catching and lively. Admiring the fields in layers, overlapping each other, and curving softly like a watercolor painting will bring you an extremely interesting experience.

Ha Thanh Village

Ha, Thanh Ha Giang village is a beautiful village of the Tay ethnic people, possessing peaceful, fresh, natural pictures and rustic traditional houses. Returning to Ha Thanh Ha Giang village, visitors can immerse themselves in a mountainous cultural village with beautiful palm leaf roofs.

The fields continue to surround the village, creating a mountainous space, both beautiful and peaceful, with a hint of grandeur and novelty. You will pass hundreds of Tay people's houses, walk between fragrant golden rice fields, and encounter local people diligently working in the fields.

This place possesses much tourism potential from the beautiful scenery of the mountains, rice fields, and the culture of the indigenous people. With the advantage of being located near the city center, the journey to explore and learn about the natural scenery and people in this village is also very convenient.

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Lung Tam Village

The Lung Tam hemp weaving village not only brings income to the residents but also contributes to preserving the long-standing traditional values of the H'Mong people. The village is still producing many products, such as wallets, towels, clothes, brocade bags, tablecloths, pillowcases, and decorative panels.

The highlight of these products is that they are made entirely of woven linen by hand, following the age-old method. Most people whose ancestral homeland grew up here continued the village's weaving profession.

Tourists visiting Lung Tam brocade weaving village will admire the scene of people busy daily. H'Mong women sit in front of looms, skillfully making beautiful fabrics or unique brocade products.

You will also be able to bring home natural linen products.

Markets in Ha Giang


Markets in Ha Giang

Visiting a Ha Giang market is the most convenient way to see vibrant ethnic minorities. Hill tribes from around the region gather at these weekly mountain markets to trade and mingle.

It is a distinctive and vibrant event where local products, food, apparel, and farm animals are traded. The Meo Vac Market, which takes place every Sunday, is the biggest.

Historical Buildings

In Ha Giang, there are some worthwhile historical sites to see along the route.

  • The House of Pao, the setting for a well-known Vietnamese film, is located in Sung La. This house and the ones next door are roughly a century old and belong to the Hmong minority.

  • King Meo Palace is about 125 km from Ha Giang city center and only 15 km from the famous Dong Van stone plateau. This ancient house is associated with the life and career of the Mong father and son, considered the Kings of the Mong people.

  • You will find an old French fort on a mountain behind the Old Quarter, where you now have a fantastic view of the town. In a stunning setting, the ruins of a French guard post can be found halfway between Meo Vac and Mau Due.

Final Thoughts

With the above sharing, your trip will have more options. If the article is useful, please save this self-sufficient Ha Giang travel review to your device!

However, if you are going to Ha Giang for the first time and are not interested in independent travel, you can go on a tour. Going on a tour is a relatively safe and useful form for those who do not have experience traveling on their own.

When going on tour, the travel company will take care of everything from A to Z without worrying about anything. Travel, accommodation, and meals will all be scheduled and taken care of by the travel company.

If you plan to travel to Ha Giang, stop by Asia Tour Advisor. The prices are extremely favorable, and there are many attractive promotions.

Get in touch with us if you need advice or book a tour of Ha Giang, and remember to follow the website to update more attractive information!

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