Tram Chim National Park

Just a hundred miles to the west of Ho Chi Minh City near the Cambian border you will find the Tram Chim National Park. The nearest city is Chau Doc, which whilst only about 30 miles as the crow flies, is also one hundred miles by road. This is due to the water crossings. The park itself is in Dong Thap Province and is twenty-nine square miles in size. The park was created for the protection of rare bird species, particularly the Sarus Crane, which is listed in the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) red book.


It was established in 1999 and has been exceptionally successful in meeting its aims. It is just 12 miles from the Mekong River and, being just a yard elevation, benefits from the nutrient rich flood water. In years gone by it had some small streams running through but these have now been replaced by a system of canals. Since this work was carried out the whole park now drains flood water much more quickly. Tram Chim is only 25 miles by road from the town of Cao Lanh. Once inside the national park, it is possible hire boats in which to reach the best birding sites.


Each year between early January and the end of May, the skies are clear It is then that visitors will see from the horizon dozens of black spots coming. This is the crane flock returning after months of emigration to evade the flood waters of the Mekong. It is also the best season for photographing the cranes in the dawn and sunset Tram Chim National Park is certainly one of the finest and most well-known sites for ecotourism in the Mekong Delta. The standard of development here is excellent. The park already had some basic tourist facilities, and previously received many visitors. There are some small guesthouses in the close by Tam Nong town with basic facilities.


This national park, with its natural history of collective ecology of geomorphology, hydrography and underwater creatures, is a superb place for tourists from all over the world in Mekong delta tours. It is not simply the Ornithologists amongst us that make the journey, all tourists will find something of interest here. Whether simply making a half or full day excursion here, or basing yourself in Tam Nong and enjoying several days, you will find it a relaxing and visually stimulating place to be.

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