We were very happy with the tour and service

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Dear Giang First of all I want to say that we were very happy with the tour and service that we recieved and we have already recomended you to some friends. I thought about areas that could be improved and have the following list: 1 It would have been nice to have had the contact telephone number of each of the tour guides that where to have met us at the airport, train station, port etc. It would have meant that if their had been any problem we could have been in direct contact. (This almost happened once at Phnom Penn when it seemed that no one had turned up to meet us when the boat arrived – The tour guide had been told that the boat was an hour late so he was in the restaurant when the boat arrived and it took him a few minutes to come and find us. However this tour guide was good because he re-arranged the tour slightly so that we would not be affected by the demonstrations – and it was better than originally planed). 2 If arriving by train into Hanoi, guests should be given a map of where they will be met. Some of the guides stand on the platform and some at the station. I was lucky to see the person who was to take us to the hotel standing on the platform, but I could have missed him and ended up looking in the station where other guides where standing (It was raining and dark so was difficult to see the sign, it was by luck I saw it). 3 On the first two days of the tour at lunch (Saturday and Sunday), we were not sure what we were allowed to order-how little or how more. The other days we had a set meal which was always very good and we felt more comfortable because it was clear what we were to have, so I suggest having set meals or to say clearly what is included when making a selection (i.e. it is two or three courses). We want you to thank the guides for arranging our meals. We explained what we liked and what we could eat and what fish we could eat and they always arranged something new and different for us with the restaurant. We really enjoyed our tour and want to thank you for all the work you put in to arrange it (and make new arrangements up to a week before we were going to arrive). many Thanks Best Regards Paul and Mazal NISNER

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