Top 10 Adventures in Nha Trang


Nha Trang is one of the most exciting beach towns in all of Vietnam– it has a little of everything for travelers of all types. You can relax by the sea, eat mouth-watering delicacies in fantastic restaurants, or pick from a list of fun activities and adventures for the young and young-at-heart.

Here are a few of the very best adventures that you can find in Nha Trang:

Come hang out in Nha Trang

Swim in Waterfalls

There are a few places to find waterfalls near Nha Trang, but the most popular is the Ba Ho Waterfall. Rent a motorbike or jump in a taxi (I encourage you to rent a bike if you’re comfortable with it. Whenever possible I vote for the bigger adventure), because the falls are about 20km outside of town. The way there will take you past beautiful mountain and ocean views. Once you’re there you’ll hike a trail that follows a river and see three waterfalls. There are some spots to swim and jump, too. Take a lunch or buy one there from the locals, grab a cold beer and enjoy the water!

Explore Monkey Island

Hop on a ferry and head to Monkey Island– true to its name, it is the home of hundreds (some say thousands!) of monkeys. From the moment you step off the boat you will have monkeys hopping around, looking to see if you have food, and maybe considering grabbing your camera (so hold on tight to it– you never know with monkeys!). You can feed them from your hand, snap pictures, and watch them swing through the trees. Further in there is a show with trained monkeys, but most people like watching the wild monkeys near the docks best.

Very cute, just hold on to your camera!

Hire a Sailboat

If you gather a small group together you can hire a private sailboat for around $60. You can island hop, swim, snorkel, and fill up on fresh fruits and drinks. For a peaceful trip, the private boat is the way to go. For a party trip… well, that’s an option, too, but it’s a very different experience.

Party on a Boat

Most of the boat tours in Nha Trang turn into party boats, so it’s best if you know what you’re getting into from the start. The boat tours are crowded, crazy, and usually involve drinks and very loud karaoke. It’s a blast on a boat if you’re up for it! Get to know the other passengers, be bold and belt out a song on the karaoke machine, and float around the ocean on a raft when you stop to swim. Not a bad way to spend a day.

Just wait till the crowd gets on board!

Take Surfing Lessons

Head over to Bai Dai beach, one of the less developed beaches in Nha Trang, from October to April for the best surfing waves in Vietnam. The Shack offers the best surf lessons in town, and you can spend the day learning how to catch a wave, chilling out on the white sand, and chowing down on local seafood BBQ. If you already know how to surf– great! Rent a board and you’re good to go! There are also kayaks and paddle-boards for rent, if that’s more your style.

Scuba-Dive or Snorkel the Coral Reef

Nha Trang is full of offers to scuba-dive and snorkel around the local coral reefs and islands, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. The fierce competition has resulted in very low prices– Nha Trang is one of the cheapest places in the world to get your PADI certification for scuba-diving (you can find courses for as low as $250). The Sailing Club, Oceans 5 Dive, and Rainbow Diving offer some of the better dives and classes. Nha Trang isn’t known for offering tons of visible marine life, but the prices can’t be beat, and you can ask your dive instructor about the local underwater caves for an extra special trip.

Scuba Diving

Go on a Bike and Raft Excursion

There are lots of biking and kayaking tours available through Vietnam Active (a popular adventure sports company in Nha Trang), but the very best combines them together. You can do a half day of biking through a village and mountain trail, then kayak down the Cai River back to town. You’ll be tired at the end of it but it’s an exciting way to experience Vietnam up close, and it will leave you with some fantastic memories!

Ride a Cable Car to an Amusement Park

Take a stunning ride on a 3km cable car over to Vinpearl Land Amusement Park for a day of water slides, scenic rides, gardens, shopping, light shows, and a wide array of delicious foods to try. Most say the cable car alone makes the trip worth it. There is also an aquarium and a beach, so you’re not going to run out of things to do at Vinpearl anytime soon. Go early in the day to have enough time for everything, and avoid the cable car around 6pm (when the water-park closes)– evening can be the best time to jump on rides without any lines, though! Then you can catch the fire, water, and light show at the amphitheater at the end of the day.

The gorgeous view from the cable car is just the start

Soak in a Mud Bath

If you need a day to soak, de-stress, and relax, then there are two spots in Nha Trang to do just that. The Thap Ba Hot Springs offers mineral baths, hot waterfalls and pools, mud baths and massages. The Nha Trang Egg Mud Bath focuses on the hot mud baths, but also offers spa treatments. Both are relatively inexpensive– and a perfect way to relax for a day.

Chill Out on a Beach

Nha Trang is, first and foremost, a beach town! So make sure you leave plenty of time to just sprawl out on the white sand beaches, sip on a cocktail or cold beer, dive in the surf, and try out the local seafood. You should check out the different beaches to find your favorite, and don’t shy away from getting out of the main part of town– some of the best beaches are out there! Bai Duong is close to town and a great swimming option, because its waters are usually pretty calm. Going to Bai Dai beach (the place to surf!) takes you along some gorgeous mountain scenery, and is a clean and slightly less crowded option. Doc Let is the most peaceful beach choice, but it’s further from town (about 50km north of Nha Trang). You can buy fresh seafood from the locals and they’ll cook it up right then and there for you. Doc Let is a good option if you’re wanting to get away from all the hustle.

Go relax on Doc Let beach

No matter which adventure you choose in Nha Trang it’s bound to be an exciting and memorable trip. Get out there and try things– you’re never going to regret the memories you’re about to make. Let start a wonderful year of 2017 with Vietnam tour packages that AsiaTourAdvisor offers. Please contact us via phone at (84) 4 3926 3858 or via email for more details and book cultural trips with best prices and services.

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