[Top 3] Lan Ha Bay 2-Night Cruise & Suggested Itinerary 


The main reason why many people choose Lan Ha Bay's 2-night cruise is that they want to explore a pristine bay to the fullest. I will share reasons why Lan Ha Bay is increasingly becoming an attractive tourist destination.

Why Visit Lan Ha Bay?

Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay

  • It has unspoiled beauty.

When I say 'unspoiled,' I mean it still has that raw and natural charm, untouched by too much human interference and developments.

In this bay, you'll admire emerald waters, towering limestone cliffs covered in greenery, and little islets scattered around. Unlike Halong Bay, it's not crowded or filled with buildings messing with the scenery.

  • It offers the opportunity to have views of Halong Bay.

Because Lan Ha Bay is next to Halong Bay, you can enjoy views of both bays on your cruise. You only pay for a cruise but get to explore both tourist destinations. It is a 2 in 1 choice!

  • It allows you to swim in the bay.

Unlike Halong Bay, where you're limited to certain beaches, Lan Ha Bay lets you swim and bathe directly in the bay. It's a unique and freeing experience, enjoying the water surrounded by stunning landscapes.

  • It offers affordable prices.

Do you know that the Lan Ha Bay cruise prices are cheaper than in Halong Bay?

You get to enjoy the beauty and facilities while spending a lot less; this not only makes it accessible to more people but also leaves room in your budget for other activities.

  • There are various luxury cruises.

Lan Ha Bay offers 4 to 5-star cruises with modern amenities. Many of these cruises are new, launched from 2018 onwards, and some as recently as 2020 and 2021. So, you'll get the latest and best services, ensuring a luxurious experience at reasonable prices.

A Cruise In Lan Ha Bay

A Cruise In Lan Ha Bay

Why Opt For A 2-Night Cruise?

Choosing a 2-night cruise in Lan Ha Bay offers a more immersive and rewarding experience at a more leisurely pace.

You'll have the time to relax, unwind, and truly savor the experience. Instead of rushing through the itinerary, you can enjoy extended moments of tranquility on the water, leisurely swim, and absorb the natural beauty without feeling rushed.

On one-day cruises, you will often participate in activities, such as kayaking and swimming, in a hurry, with each activity only allowing for 1-2 hours to experience.

With an additional night on the cruise, there is more time to engage in these activities at a relaxed and enjoyable pace. It's the best way to create lasting memories!

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Top 3 Best Lan Ha Bay 2-Night Cruise

If you are wondering between the many Lan Ha Bay 2-night cruises, consider the following three top options. I chose these cruises after experiencing many years of traveling on Lan Ha Bay.

#1. Heritage Cruise - Best For Overall

Heritage Cruise

Heritage Cruise


  • Day 1: Cruise in Halong Bay, reach Lan Ha Bay, swim at Three Peaches Beach, enjoy sunset moments, join a cooking class & afternoon tea programs, go squid fishing

  • Day 2: Join Vovinam class, bike in Viet Hai Village, explore Cat Ba and Cai Beo Village, enjoy sunset moment, go squid fishing

  • Day 3: Join Vovinam class and explore Dark & Light Cave by boat

Highlight Facilities & Service:

  • Private balcony (with bay views)

  • Private bathroom (with bathtub & shower)

  • Free WiFi

  • Bar & Restaurant

  • Swimming pool

  • Music & Games

  • Art gallery

  • Library

  • Gym & spa

  • Vovinam class

Price: From $370/Person


This summer, I booked a Heritage Cruise to have a memorable vacation at Halong Bay with my wife. We had two memorable nights at this bay.

  • Amenities

I booked the Captain Suite on Heritage Cruise for my spouse and me, and it was spacious at 38 square meters. Located on the first floor, we were close to the captain's wheel and the wine cellar.

I booked this cruise because of the balcony and sunbeds in the room, so I can lie on it and watch the sunset and sunrise.

In addition to the in-room amenities, what made Heritage Cruise a top choice were the outside amenities, including a sundeck, spa, gym, library, art gallery, etc. It felt like they really thought about what guests would enjoy.

The sundeck became our go-to spot. During the day, we enjoyed a dip in the pool. As night fell, it turned into the best place for stargazing.

We all love art and culture. So, the library and art gallery were perfect retreats. We had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in books and art while surrounded by the beauty of Lan Ha Bay.

  • My Experience

We kicked things off in style, hopping on their swank Limousine shuttle bus from Hanoi. The boat crew welcomed us aboard at noon, checking into our exclusive Captain Suite.

After lunch, we started with the wild of Halong Bay and seamlessly glided into the panoramas of Lan Ha Bay. Our first destination in Lan Ha Bay was Three Peaches Beach for swimming. Then, we headed to Tra Bau for kayaking.

After that, we returned to the ship to enjoy afternoon tea and join a cooking class by a seasoned chef. Have you ever tried making spring rolls on a cruise? Well, now I can say I have.

Evenings were a blast, with a la carte meal, movie nights, board games, and squid fishing. We were living our best life under the moonlight.

Day two was all about leisure. We met locals and discovered hidden spots at Three Peaches Beach. After returning from our cruise from a day of exploring, we decided to get a massage.

The service on this cruise was even better than the spas on land we tried. The staff kept asking about our needs during the massage.

On Day 3, we explored the mysterious Dark & Light Cave, taking our sweet time to swim and sunbathe on the beach. Although this morning's adventure was short, our tour guide took us through every corner of the cave.

The whole experience was elevated by the amazing crew. Nam, Chi, and Mac were heartwarming, ensuring every moment was perfect.

And a special shout-out to the skilled bartenders Daniel and Minh, who made our evenings even more meaningful.

If you're looking for a cruise in Lan Ha Bay, Heritage is the way to go. It's like a floating paradise! We're still buzzing from the experience. I highly, highly recommend it!

#2. Peony Cruise - Best For Diverse And Well-Organised Activities

Peony Cruise

Peony Cruise


  • Day 1: Cruise in Halong Bay, reach Lan Ha Bay, kayak in Tra Bau, enjoy the sunset moment, and join a cooking class & Happy Hour.

  • Day 2: Join Tai Chi class, kayak in a lagoon, enjoy a sunset moment, join a cooking class & Happy Hour.

  • Day 3: Join the Tai Chi class, explore Cat Ba and Trung Trang Cave

Highlight Facilities & Service:

  • Private balcony (with bay views)

  • Private bathroom (with bathtub & shower)

  • Free WiFi

  • Bar & Restaurant

  • Jacuzzi pool

  • Gym & spa

  • Tai Chi class

Price: From $300/person


Last year, I chose Halong Bay as a vacation destination for my mother's 60th birthday. And Peony Cruise is a companion that makes my family trip the most worthwhile ever.

  • Amenities

I booked the Family Deluxe room on the 2nd floor because they told me that it was a combo of a Double and a Twin Deluxe room with a connecting door for my family.

I loved its wooden decor which was crafted by talented Vietnamese artisans. It was like I was living in a floating palace.

Inside my room, there was air conditioning to keep it cool, cable TV for some downtime, and a bathtub for those fancy relaxation moments.

Like the Heritage Cruise above, it had a spa salon, swimming pool, and a gym center. These amenities were the same quality as Heritage Cruise, and the spa services were even better with more modern equipment. A little pampering with a view of the sea? Yes, please!

Besides, Peony Cruises is fully equipped with a bathroom and safety amenities. So, I do not have any complaints about this cruise's facilities.

  • My Experience

Our voyage began with a limousine bus whisking us from Hanoi.

Then, we had a special lunch of decadence, fresh seafood, and delicacies served on a luxurious craft cruising through Lan Ha Bay. Our waiter, Bobby, deserves a shout-out. This guy made every chat a riot.

The highlight of Day 1 was the kayaking activity in Tra Bau. The tour guide always followed us to ensure everyone's safety and share information about this place.

As the sun dipped, we gathered on the top floor to watch the sunset and join the Happy Hour for a free drink. My whole family participated enthusiastically; my wife won a cocktail.

Then, an intimate romantic dinner sealed the day, courtesy of our skillful chef. The night unfolded with cocktails at the sky bar.

We spent our second day in Viet Hai Village, nestled amid tropical rainforest and limestone mountains.

What I liked the most when exploring this village was cycling through trials and fields. The fields and mountains in this village helped me bring back beautiful photos to show off on my Instagram.

It seemed like the exploration of Viet Hai Village would end after the cycling session. Unexpectedly, the tour guide directed us to a remote swamp and organized a kayaking activity there.

In the late afternoon, we returned to the cruise for relaxation and a Jacuzzi dip. Sunset, Happy Hour, and a dinner feast orchestrated a perfect second act.

The final day opened with a tour of Cat Ba. On the island, we explore Trung Trang Cave, a marvel of stalactites and cave ecosystems. The cruise ended with lunch, settling bills, and disembarking at Tuan Chau Marina.

One commendable thing about this cruise is its well-organized itinerary, with diverse activities and places to visit. It allows us to have a complete experience without being rushed.

#3. La Casta Cruise - Best For Honeymoon Couples

On La Casta Cruise

On La Casta Cruise


  • Day 1: Cruise in Halong Bay, reach Lan Ha Bay, swim at Three Peaches Beach, enjoy sunset moment, join a cooking class & Happy Hour, go squid fishing

  • Day 2: Join Tai Chi class, explore Three Peaches Beach and Van Boi, bike in Viet Hai Village, enjoy sunset moments, join a cooking class & Happy Hour, go squid fishing

  • Day 3: Join Tai Chi class, explore Tra Bau

Highlight Facilities & Service:

  • Private balcony (with bay views)

  • Private bathroom (with bathtub & shower)

  • Free WiFi

  • Bar & Restaurant

  • Jacuzzi pool

  • Gym & spa

  • Honeymoon room

  • Children playground

  • Tai Chi class

Price: From $320/person


My wife wanted to go to Halong Bay for our honeymoon. I searched everywhere on the internet, and La Casta Cruise became the top choice because it has a Honeymoon room for newlyweds like us.

  • Amenities

We opted for the Honeymoon Room because we wanted a romantic getaway. Let me walk you through the fantastic amenities that made our journey on La Casta a truly unforgettable experience!

On the third deck, this 50m2 space was just what we needed. The room featured a private balcony, sofa, and sauna, but the real showstopper was the bay-view bathtub.

The free high-speed WiFi was a lifesaver, keeping us connected to the world while cruising through the stunning landscapes. Honestly, the WiFi signal here is stronger than on any cruise I've ever experienced.

This cruise also offered an extra bed option. Even though we didn't use it, I think this information will be helpful to those traveling with family or friends.

Like most mid-range cruises, you will find a swimming pool, spa, and gym center on deck. It offered an intimate space with all the amenities to make the journey truly special! I loved it!

Moreover, it also featured a playground for children. If you have kids, you'll find this valuable because you'll have a space for fun and entertainment.

  • My Experience

Upon reaching the cruise at noon, the warm welcome from Mrs. Ha, the head of the crew, welcomed us warmly. She thoroughly guided us through the check-in procedure, and took us to our room.

Lunch in the restaurant began our voyage through Lan Ha Bay. The highlight of the first day was a visit to Three Peaches Beach. They allowed us to kayak, swim, and explore the area.

As the sun set, we got a cooking class by the chef, followed by a seafood feast. After dinner, we went squid fishing and karaoke.

After returning to our Honeymoon Room, we went to the starry balcony again. In a cozy space under the starry sky, we talked for a long time to warm our feelings.

On Day 2, we continued exploring Lan Ha Bay, heading to Three Peaches Beach, Van Boi, and Viet Hai Village.

Besides cycling, a unique activity on the Viet Hai Village exploration I had never experienced on other cruises was the fish massage. The tour guide led us to a stream and let us try this experience. Very special!

Then, kayaking and discovering hidden gems of Lan Ha Bay added a layer of thrill to the day. Day 2's sunset and evening activities are the same as on day one. We had more time to relax under the night sky.

On the final day, we explored Tra Bau, freely kayaking and enjoying the landscape before checking out.

During the whole journey, we especially appreciated the excellent service from Mr. Dong, who guided and brightened every moment with a warm smile.

The chill vibes, impeccable service, and stunning beauty of Lan Ha Bay left us utterly satisfied with this unforgettable cruise experience.

All in all, our experience was great. If the cruise organizes more night games like board games, the trip will be more interesting.

Suggested Lan Ha Cruise Itinerary 2 Nights

Suggested Lan Ha Cruise Itinerary 2 Nights

Suggested Lan Ha Cruise Itinerary 2 Nights

The cruises above all have an optimal itinerary for your trip to explore Lan Ha Bay. But if you want to plan your trip yourself, below are my suggestions based on my travel experience.

Day 1: Three Peaches Beach, Monkey Island, Sunset Party, on-board night activities

Typically, when you book a cruise, they will arrange a shuttle to take you to your destination. But if you don't choose this service, start your trip around 9:00 AM. You will arrive in Halong around 11:00 AM to prepare for check-in procedures.

12:00 PM: Reach your cruise and check into your room. Then, have your lunch in the cruise's restaurant.

If you have any dietary concerns, such as a dietary restriction or allergies, tell your cruise before your trip so they can prepare a personalized menu for you.

1:00 PM: Plunge into the aquamarine beauty of Three Peaches Beach. You can rent a boat or join a kayak tour to explore the beach's hidden corners.

3:00 PM: Set sail toward Monkey Island, a haven for over 1,000 monkeys representing 30 species. You can ascend to the island's top for views of Lan Ha Bay. Don't forget to capture moments that will linger in your memory forever.

4:30 PM: Join the Sunset Party on your ship. You'll have the opportunity to savor the Instagram-worthy spectacle. At this party, you will have the opportunity to watch the sunset and make new friends.

6:00 PM: Enjoy your dinner in the cruise's restaurant. Let the flavors of Vietnamese cuisine tantalize your taste buds.

7:00 PM: Post-dinner, dive into on-board night activities. You can stroll along the sundeck under the moonlit sky and perhaps some stargazing. You can also try squid fishing for a memorable late-night meal.

When returning to your room, brace yourself for more wonders in the days to come.

Day 2: Viet Hai Village, Ba Ham Lake, Cat Ba Park, Ngu Lam Mountain, night activities

Viet Hai Village

Viet Hai Village

7:00 AM: After breakfast, visit Viet Hai Village. Upon arrival, hop on a bicycle and pedal through trails, rainforests, fields, and tunnels.

On your biking adventure, you'll see traditional houses crafted from mud, straw, and bamboo stand as silent witnesses to the passage of time. It's a cultural immersion, a chance to witness the everyday life of local villagers.

For those preferring a more leisurely pace, electric cars are on hand.

11:30 AM: It's time to rest and replenish with a local lunch, a pause before the afternoon escapades.

1:30 PM: The adventure resumes with a visit to the Ba Ham Lake near Three Peaches Beach. Nestled within high rocky cliffs, this lake contrasts with the open expanse of the beach.

This lake is not only a geological wonder but also a habitat for wildlife, including the Langur monkeys, parrots, flying squirrels, and more. Lucky travelers might capture these moments on camera.

3:00 PM: The journey continues to Cat Ba Park, a place of biodiversity and natural wonder.

With multiple exploration options, you can choose a short two-hour trek or a more extended adventure lasting 3 hours, traversing by bike or motorbike.

Whichever path you choose, the route leads to Ngu Lam Mountain. Here, you'll admire a view of the park, a reward for your exploratory spirit.

5:00 PM: The day's exploits close as you return to your cruise ship. A well-deserved dinner and night activities await.

Day 3: Dark & Light Cave

Dark & Light Cave

Dark & Light Cave

7:00 AM: Begin your last day with breakfast in the cruise's restaurant.

7:30 AM: Explore the Dark & Light Cave. You'll have the chance to unveil the mysterious and wild beauty in the heart of Lan Ha Bay.

You'll navigate narrow paths in kayaks or boats to explore these caves' depths. Usually, you will go with local experts. As sunlight filters through hidden crevices, revealing the caves' secrets, a sense of awe envelops you.

9:00 AM: Your cave exploration concludes, and it's time to return to your cruise for checkout. Then, you'll have a sumptuous brunch while the ship Heads to the harbor.

11:00 AM: Your journey back to Hanoi begins.

The above are just my suggestions. You can customize your itinerary to suit your needs, activities, and the places you most want to explore.

Choosing Lan Ha To Fly A Cruise For 2 Nights At Asia Tour Advisor, What Do You Get?

Choosing Lan Ha To Fly A Cruise For 2 Nights At Asia Tour Advisor

Choosing Lan Ha To Fly A Cruise For 2 Nights At Asia Tour Advisor

Choosing Lan Ha for a 2-night cruise with Asia Tour Advisor is about turning your dreams into reality. It's where affordability meets excellence, and Lan Ha Bay unfolds its beauty just for you.

  • With us, you'll have an affordable adventure.

We ensure our prices are budget-friendly without compromising the quality of your experience. Your journey begins with the assurance that you've secured the best deal for an unparalleled adventure.

  • We provide easy booking & safe travel.

Booking your cruise should be easy and safe. Our website is user-friendly. So, you can effortlessly select your preferred cruise and secure your spot for the 2-night expedition in Lan Ha Bay.

Plus, your personal info is secure with our robust booking system. We prioritize making your journey simple and secure.

  • We work with trusted partners.

Asia Tour Advisor has strategically teamed up with trusted cruise partners in Lan Ha Bay. Together, we're committed to giving you a reliable and excellent experience. It's a partnership built on quality.

  • We have a flexible canceling policy.

Understanding the uncertainties of travel, we offer a flexible cancellation approach to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. So you can adjust/cancel your booking if needed. Travel with confidence, knowing we've got your back.

  • We're always here for you.

Your journey doesn't end with booking. Our support team is here 24/7. Have questions? Are you facing an issue during your cruise? We're just a message or call away. Travel stress-free with our round-the-clock support!

  • We offer tailored tours just for you.

We don't do one-size-fits-all. We have cruises for special celebrations or any unique requests. Your cruise is crafted around your preferences, making it uniquely yours.

Your cruise with us is an experience filled with passion, dedication, and memories that will last a lifetime. So, book your cruise on Asia Tour Advisor now!

How To Book Lan Ha 2-Night Cruise At Asia Tour Advisor?

How To Book Lan Ha 2-Night Cruise At Asia Tour Advisor?

How To Book Lan Ha 2-Night Cruise At Asia Tour Advisor?

Booking your 2-night cruise with us is a seamless process, and this comprehensive guide will walk you through every step. Let's check!

Step 1: Visit Our Website - Asia Tour Advisor

On our home page, navigate the Lan Ha Bay Cruise section at the bottom. Or click HERE!

Once clicking that section, you'll find a range of cruise options tailored to your preferences. Browse through the itineraries, cruise details, and inclusions to select the one that resonates with your dream Lan Ha experience.

Tips for choosing your cruise:

Consider your preferences, the cruise's duration, and any specific activities or destinations you wish to include. Our platform provides detailed information on each cruise, helping you make an informed choice.

Step 2: Check Availability

Once you've chosen your ideal cruise, check the availability for your preferred dates.

Lan Ha Bay is a popular destination, and securing your spot in advance ensures you don't miss out on the experience of a lifetime. Our real-time availability feature allows you to see which dates are open for booking.

Step 3: Customize Your Experience

At Asia Tour Advisor, we offer the option to customize your cruise experience. Let us know if you have specific requests, celebrations, or special requirements. Our team is here to tailor your cruise to make it uniquely yours.

Step 4: Fill In Your Details

Once you've selected your cruise and confirmed availability, it's time to fill in your details.

Provide accurate information, including the number of passengers, contact details, and any special requests you may have; this ensures a smooth booking process and helps us cater to your needs.

Step 5: Review Your Booking

Before finishing your booking, don’t forget to review the details, including:

  • Travel dates

  • Selected cruises

  • Additional services or requests

This step ensures that your booking aligns perfectly with your expectations.

Step 6: Secure Payment

Our secure payment gateway allows you to make payments with confidence. Choose your payment option to complete your booking.

Rest assured that your personal and financial information is protected through our robust security measures!

Step 7: Confirmation and itinerary details

Once your payment is processed, you'll receive a confirmation email with all the booking details, including:

  • Your itinerary

  • Boarding information

  • Instructions for your cruise

Keep his email handy as your guide to an unforgettable Lan Ha adventure.

After finishing the booking process, pack your bags and prepare for your trip to explore Lan Ha Bay!

A Corner In Lan Ha Bay

A Corner In Lan Ha Bay


And that wraps up our journey through the top Lan Ha Bay 2-night cruise. I've shared the perfect recipe for an unforgettable escapade in Vietnam's gem.

These cruise picks, including Heritage Cruise, Peony Cruise, and La Casta Cruise, cater to every taste. They promise a blend of luxury, excitement, and relaxation.

Book a Lan Ha Bay cruise with Asia Tour Advisor now and get ready to set sail and create your own story in Lan Ha Bay!

Besides the best cruises, we offer various Vietnam tours for every traveler. These tours promise memorable experiences in this bay!

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