[Top 5] Best Halong Bay Cruise For Solo Travelers You Shouldn’t Miss!


The Need To Experience The Best Halong Bay Cruise For Solo Travelers

The Need To Experience The Best Halong Bay Cruise For Solo Travelers

The Need To Experience The Best Halong Bay Cruise For Solo Travelers

Solo travel is becoming more popular as people seek adventure and self-discovery. Halong Bay is an excellent destination for solo travelers due to its stunning landscapes and unique experiences. Opting for the best cruise can make this journey more memorable.

Safety first, right? Especially when you're solo. Picking a reputable Halong Bay cruise means having experienced captains and well-trained staff onboard. It allows you to enjoy the bay’s beauty without worrying about safety issues.

Cruising in Halong Bay provides a chance to disconnect from daily life. Surrounded by tranquil waters and stunning karst formations, you can escape the noise and distractions.

Choosing the right cruise ensures solo travelers not only witness the beauty of this bay but also create lasting memories in a safe and supportive environment.

Top 5 Best Halong Bay Cruise For Solo Travellers

Ha Long Bay is a favorite tourist destination of mine. So, I have visited this place many times and booked many cruises. Below are five options I consider the best among the cruises I've experienced.

#1. Peony Cruise - Best For Overall

Peony Cruise

Peony Cruise


  • Day 1: Cruise on Halong Bay, kayak and swim in Three Peaches Beaches, watch the sunset on the Sundeck, join a cooking class, go squid fishing

  • Day 2: Tai Chi exercise, visit Cat Ba Island and its cave, cruise on Lan Ha Bay

Highlight Facilities:

Price: From $167/person


Among the cruises I went on during my solo explorations of Ha Long Bay, I liked Peony Cruise the most because it almost met all my desires.

First off, the crew was super friendly throughout the two-day trip.

We communicated through WhatsApp before I got there; they were quick to help with any questions. On the ship, the staff were more than just professionals; they were fun and made the whole trip a laugh.

The ship was clean and neat, and the limited rooms gave it this exclusive vibe. I was satisfied with my room, with the top-notch bath and shower.

Regarding activity, I had the opportunity to join kayaking through those karst mountains, and taking a dip in the super clear bay was like a dream.

Learning to make spring rolls in a cooking class was a nice touch, and riding a bamboo boat around caves was a highlight. Mixing it up with morning Tai chi and some night fishing added the perfect balance of chill and excitement.

They had a clear activity schedule, so I always knew what was happening. They have a shuttle service to the hotel, so I didn't need to worry about getting to the cruise; no stress, just straight into the cruise vibes.

On the first day, the experience that left the most impression on me was the trip to Three Peaches Beach. Gliding through the pristine waters in a kayak alone, I found myself submerged in the towering islets' beauty.

On the second day, what I enjoyed most was probably exploring Cat Ba Island for an hour. On this island, the highlight is the mysterious Trung Trang Cave. Because I went solo, the tour guide guided me very enthusiastically.

The food on the ship suits my taste, especially the seafood dishes. They are very fresh and go well with the accompanying sauce.

The only downside to this cruise was the cooking class was short; I didn't have time to remember the recipes. Anyway, it is a side activity of the trip, so it does not affect the overall experience.

The details, from the cozy setting and activities to the friendly staff, made it even better than I imagined. I'd totally recommend this cruise to other solo travelers. Trust me; it's worth it.

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#2. Sapphire Cruise - Best For Hospitable Crew

Sapphire Cruise

Sapphire Cruise


  • Day 1: Cruise through Halong Bay, kayak in Halong Bay, join cooking class and Sunset Party on Sundeck

  • Day 2: Cruise through Lan Ha Bay, take a boat tour to Dark & Light cave

Highlight Facilities:

  • Private balcony

  • Beach view

  • Air conditioning

  • Jacuzzi bathtub

  • Kayaking equipment

Price: From $198/person


At first glance, the Sapphire Cruise was beautiful, gliding through the emerald waters. I went for the Premium room with a double bed, a cozy space on the second floor with 20 square meters of comfort.

The private balcony with a beach view was a real treat. It even had a jacuzzi bathtub with hot water, perfect for relaxing after exploring.

What made Sapphire Cruise truly stand out was the outstanding service from the staff, who are fluent in English. They were incredibly hospitable, making sure every guest had a memorable experience.

Their efficiency and attentiveness made my entire journey smooth and stress-free. They went the extra mile to make solo travelers like me feel welcomed and part of a friendly group. It felt like being taken care of by friends rather than mere staff.

Regarding food, all my meals were included. The food on the Sapphire Cruise was delicious; it was a fantastic journey through Vietnamese flavors. Each meal introduced fresh local ingredients and expert cooking.

At breakfast, I got freshly baked pastries, tropical fruits, and a variety of hot dishes. At lunch, there were aromatic pho, flavorful spring rolls, and grilled seafood caught fresh from the bay. At dinner, I got to enjoy the dishes I made in the cooking class in the afternoon.

Undoubtedly, one of the trip's highlights was the activities. I went kayaking in peaceful spots, took a refreshing swim in the bay, and even tried my hand at somersaults. It was so much fun and definitely something I'll remember forever.

On the morning of Day 2, I attended a Tai Chi class and watched the sunrise while exercising. It was a memorable experience!

During this cruise, my favorite activity was to explore the Dark & Light cave on the boat. Before boarding, the staff carefully guided me on the route and notes. Thanks to that, I had a wonderful morning even though I only went solo.

Sure, there was a minor downside: the drinks on board were a bit pricey.

If you want to drink local and international wines, cocktails, and soft drinks, the cost of those drinks will make you think twice. Yet, this may be a minor detail for those prioritizing other journey elements.

Overall, the boat's beauty, excellent organization, top-notch service, and exciting activities made it an unforgettable experience.

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#3. Dragonfly Cruise - Best For Exploring Caves

On Dragonfly Cruise

On Dragonfly Cruise


  • Day 1: Cruise on Halong Bay, visit Thien Canh Son cave, watch the sunset, join a cooking class on the Sundeck, go squid fishing

  • Day 2: Discover Vung Vieng village

Highlight Facilities:

  • Sea-facing room

  • Fishing & kayaking equipment

  • Shower and bathtub

Price: From $155/person


Last year, I chose Halong Bay as my winter vacation destination. Initially torn between an overnight or a day tour on this Dragonfly Cruise, I opted for the overnight one. It turned out that this tour was great for a solo traveler like me.

One of the standout features was the sea-facing cabins, allowing me to wake up to panoramic views of the breathtaking bay. I love how my room was a perfect fusion of modern aesthetics and traditional elements.

Now, let me tell you my itinerary!

The first day began with a seamless pickup from my hotel in Hanoi. Then, I boarded the cruise and was immediately greeted by the cute crew.

After checking in, I had a seafood meal with a delightful array of dishes, from steamed shrimp to fried squid and fresh fruit.

The highlight of this tour was the exploration of Thien Canh Son cave, perched atop a mountain. The cave's geological wonders and natural beauty made the hike worth the effort. Stepping inside, I noticed the vast expanse adorned with stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes and sizes.

What made my cave exploration even better was my guide tour, John.

He was friendly and very good at English, creating a sense of camaraderie among travelers. His insights into the geological significance of the cave, coupled with engaging anecdotes, made the exploration more than just a visual spectacle.

He told me a lot of stories about the cave. Even after leaving the cave, we were still chatting about our experiences.

On the second day, I visited Vung Vieng Village. Opting for a bamboo boat, I was guided by a local villager who expertly maneuvered through the waterways. He shared tales of their daily life and the challenges they face. That was awesome!

However, this cruise is not for those who only like to explore the bay’s waters. It is more suitable for those who love to expand their adventures into nearby areas such as caves and villages.

Overall, my solo travel was enriched by the wonderful people I met during the tour, and some of us even became close friends after the trip.

I highly recommend this company to fellow travelers seeking an overnight trip that captures the essence of Halong Bay, especially if you want to explore caves.

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#4. Paradise Elegance Cruise - Best For Luxury Trip

Paradise Elegance Cruise

Paradise Elegance Cruise


  • Day 1: Cruise on Halong Bay, conquer Titov Island, kayak to Luon Cave, join cooking class, have romantic dining

  • Day 2: Do Tai Chi exercise, visit Sung Sot Cave

Highlight Facilities:

  • Suite bathroom

  • Air conditioning

  • Kayaking equipment

  • Two water bottles daily

Price: From $279/person


I was recommended this Paradise Elegance Cruise cruise by a friend who had a good experience with it. As a result, I had a meaningful solo trip.

My experience aboard this cruise was nothing short of a lavish retreat, perfectly blending comfort and luxury against the breathtaking backdrop of Halong Bay.

The cabin was a haven of tranquility and sophistication, with a suite bathroom, air conditioning, and meticulous attention to detail in the design.

Regarding the itinerary, like other Halong cruises, they picked me up at the hotel and took me to the cruise quickly. Sipping a welcome drink, I felt the excitement building for the adventures ahead.

One of the thoughtful touches that stood out during my stay was the provision of two bottles of water in my cabin daily.

The first day was full of exciting trips. Cruising through Halong Bay, Paradise Elegance passed by lovely islets. Then, I had a delightful lunch at a luxury restaurant.

The best part of the first day was the Titov Island exploration. I had the opportunity to admire the stunning views and relax on the beach.

I then hiked the mountain for a perfect mix of thrill and chill. The kayak to Luon Cave was another highlight, and gliding through the limestone formations on a bamboo boat felt like stepping into a magical world.

This cruise also had a cooking class at sunset. However, this lesson was more boring than other cruises I've participated in because the chef wasn't as funny as I thought. But the recipes I learned were special and made delicious Vietnamese dishes. The evening was made even more special with live music.

On the second day, I visited the Sung Sot, Thien Cung, and Dau Go Caves, known for their breathtaking stalagmites and stalactites. The cruise even let me admire the Fighting Cock Islet to wrap up the trip.

And in return for this luxurious experience is a high price (higher than all the cruises above). It may not be for solo travelers looking for a more budget-friendly option. But if price is not your issue, this cruise will elevate your trip.

Looking back, the Paradise Elegance Cruise not only offered a comfy and luxurious retreat but also tailored experiences for solo travelers like me. Highly recommend it!

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#5. Jasmine Cruise - Best 1-Day Cruise

Jasmine Cruise

Jasmine Cruise

Itineraries: Cruise on Halong Bay, take a boat rowing in the bay, visit Thien Cung Cave

Highlight Facilities:

  • Bus transfer

  • Ocean View

  • Kayaking equipment and boats

Price: From $65/person


I thought a day tour was too short to explore Halong Bay; that was before I experienced this cruise.

This cruise is very suitable for those who just want to spend a day floating on the bay and spending time at other destinations. And especially, this cruise has such a low price that you'll be surprised!

The day began with a prompt pickup from my hotel. On the coach to Halong Bay, the tour guide was very active and told us story after story about the places we went through.

Boarding the cruise, I was welcomed with a refreshing drink and a safety briefing. At noon, I had time to enjoy my Vietnamese lunch served onboard.

On this day tour, one highlight was the option to engage in kayaking or boat rowing. I chose boat rowing because I never tried it before. The bay's calm waters became my playground as I embraced the choice to paddle through it.

Then, they guided me to visit Thien Cung Cave. The stunning formations within the cave were a testament to the natural wonders that the bay holds.

After the cave exploration, an afternoon tea session onboard provided a chance to relax and savor the bay's beauty.

Around 5:00 PM, the cruise returned to the harbor. Disembarking, I hopped on the shuttle bus, and as the sun set, we made a short stop to stretch our legs once more. The golden hues of the sunset mirrored the warmth I felt in the day.

The well-organized itinerary, engaging activities, and friendly crew made this experience a standout for anyone exploring Halong Bay alone in just a day.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Best Halong Bay Cruise For Solo Travelers

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Halong Bay Cruise For Solo Travelers

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Halong Bay Cruise For Solo Travelers

Exploring Halong Bay alone is fun for those who like to spend time for themselves and experience new things.

Booking a Halong Bay Cruise will help you ensure safety and have a guided itinerary for your trip. However, there are also some disadvantages of traveling alone, and the most prominent is the cost of single supplements.

I will explain these pros and cons more clearly below!


  • Opportunities to socialize

Solo travelers on a Halong Bay cruise have great chances to meet and connect with others. Why do I say that? On these cruises, everyone often dines together; this means you share tables during meals.

As a result, you have an excellent chance to talk and get to know fellow passengers. It's a friendly atmosphere, and many travelers find the shared meals to be a highlight of the trip.

Besides, the cruises plan group activities for everyone to enjoy, like kayaking, exploring caves, and cooking classes.

Some organize special events or theme nights. These could be karaoke nights, cultural shows, or even costume parties. These events are for passengers to relax, have fun, and interact.

There are also places like lounges, bars, and decks where you can unwind, enjoy the scenery, and strike up conversations. These areas are intentionally set up for mingling and meeting new people.

Opportunities To Socialize

Opportunities To Socialize

  • Guided itineraries

One significant benefit of guided itineraries is the structured exploration they offer. Guided itineraries mean the cruise plans out each day for you.

As a solo traveler, this removes the hassle of figuring out where to go and what to do. It ensures you don't miss out on the key attractions and activities in Halong Bay.

These itineraries often include group activities and meals. For example, group trips to caves or kayaking sessions create chances for solo travelers to mingle, share stories, and make friends.

Also, guided tours come with local guides who know Halong Bay inside out. They share interesting facts about the area, its culture, and natural wonders. This local insight deepens your connection to the destination.

  • Safety and Security

Your safety is a top priority when you're a solo traveler on a Halong Bay cruise. The best cruise takes various steps to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience.

It has modern safety gear like life jackets, emergency rafts, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits. They let everyone know where these are and what to do in an emergency.

The people running the cruise, like captains, sailors, and guides, are well-trained. They know how to handle emergencies and keep everyone safe. If you're doing activities like kayaking or exploring caves, they're there to guide you safely.

Besides, Halong Bay's weather can be a bit unpredictable. The cruise keeps a close eye on the weather, and if things are looking iffy, they might change the plans to keep everyone safe.

For instance, if kayaking was planned on a day with bad weather, they might switch to a cooking class or a cultural activity instead.

Kayak With Life Jackets

Kayak With Life Jackets

  • Quality dining experiences

These cruises make sure you don't just see the beauty around you but also get a taste of the good Vietnamese food!

You'll sit on the Sundeck, surrounded by the jaw-dropping views of Halong Bay, and enjoy fresh seafood, flavorful herbs, and traditional dishes like pho and spring rolls.

There are also familiar dishes like grilled chicken and salads. If you are a vegetarian, your cruise will meet this need and bring you the most delicious vegetarian dishes in Vietnam.

Worry about your food allergies? No problem! These cruises will take care of you. Your meals are customized to suit your taste and keep your tummy happy.

Regarding the ingredients, these cruises are all about fresh, local goodies. The chefs go for the top-notch seafood straight from Halong Bay.

Some cruises kick it up a notch with cooking classes. You'll be in the kitchen with expert chefs, learning the art of Vietnamese cooking.


Higher Costs

Higher Costs

  • Higher costs with single supplements

For solo travelers looking to experience the beauty of Halong Bay on a cruise, a notable downside is the potential for higher costs due to single supplements.

Why is it more expensive?

Most cruise packages are for two or more people sharing a cabin. Solo travelers often have to pay extra (single supplement) to cover the cost of the unoccupied bed; this means you end up paying more compared to each person in a couple.

  • Photography challenges

When you're traveling solo on a Halong Bay cruise and want to capture stunning views through your camera lens, it can be challenging to get dynamic photos of yourself with the Halong Bay scenery.

To solve this, be creative with your surroundings, try different angles, and ask fellow travelers or the crew for help with solo shots.

Asia Tour Advisor Accompanies Your Best Halong Bay Cruise For Solo Travelers

Asia Tour Advisor Accompanies Your Best Halong Bay Cruise For Solo Travelers

Asia Tour Advisor Accompanies Your Best Halong Bay Cruise For Solo Travelers

Asia Tour Advisor has teamed up with the best cruise operators in Halong Bay. These partners are chosen to ensure solo travelers get top-notch service, exceptional hospitality, and an overall experience.

Now, what do we have for you?

  • Tailored deals for solo explorers

We get the unique needs of solo travelers. That's why our partnership with premium cruises includes exclusive deals designed just for solo adventurers.

These packages offer accommodations and personalized services, giving solo travelers the best value for their Halong Bay journey.

  • Unmatched Halong Bay experience

When choosing Asia Tour Advisor for your Halong Bay cruise, you're not just booking a trip; you're securing an unmatched experience.

Our selected cruises are known for their commitment to excellence. They offer solo travelers a chance to witness the breathtaking beauty of Halong Bay in style and comfort. Your solo adventure will be filled with moments to remember.

  • Expert guidance for solo travelers

We ensure you make informed decisions about your Halong Bay cruise. From suggesting itineraries to sharing travel tips, our goal is to empower solo explorers, making your journey seamless and enjoyable.

  • Responsive support throughout your journey

Our team will answer your questions, address your concerns, and ensure your solo travel experience is stress-free and enjoyable. Book your cruise now and get ready for your solo adventure!

Some Important Notes When Exploring Halong Bay Cruise For Solo Travelers

Some Important Notes

Some Important Notes

Before you set sail on your Halong Bay escapade cruise, here are some important notes you need to keep in mind:

Check For Any Solo Traveler Supplements Or Discounts

First, always check for solo traveler supplements or discounts when exploring Halong Bay cruises. Why? Because it could be the key to unlocking some fantastic savings or perks tailored just for you!

Solo traveler supplements, if any, are additional charges that solo travelers might incur due to the accommodation setup on the cruise. Some cruises charge more for solo travelers to cover the cost of a cabin that typically houses two.

However, fear not! Many cruises are now recognizing the rise of solo travelers and are rolling out special deals and discounts. Just keep an eye out for those golden words ‘Solo Traveler Discounts’ in the low tourist season (in the winter).

Before you click the Book Now button, carefully scan the cruise details or send a quick message to the booking team.

Don't hesitate to ask about any solo traveler supplements or discounts. It's a smart move that could lead to more budget-friendly options or even extra perks to make your solo journey extra special.

Check The Cruise Itinerary And Activities Offered

Check The Cruise Itinerary And Activities Offered

Check The Cruise Itinerary And Activities Offered

You want a cruise that matches your interests and makes your solo journey a blast, right? Look at the itinerary! Does it cover the places you want to see? Whether it's caves, beaches, or water activities, ensure the cruise hits your must-visit spots.

Then, onto activities. Want to meet people? Look for group excursions or communal dining. Love adventure? Check for kayaking or tai chi. Prefer a chill vibe? Ensure there are options like spa treatments or quiet spots for relaxation.

Verify The Primary Language Spoken On The Cruise And Among The Staff

Communication is vital, and ensuring you and the cruise staff speak the same language can make your journey smoother and more enjoyable.

Before booking, check if the cruise provides information and services in a language you're comfortable with. English is widely used, but some cruises may use Vietnamese.

Book In Advance

Book In Advance

Book In Advance

Booking in advance ensures you snag the best deals and availability, especially if you're particular about your preferences.

Solo traveler supplements or discounts often apply, and these limited spots fill up quickly. By planning, you save on costs and guarantee a spot on the cruise that aligns with your solo journey desires.

Additionally, this allows you to choose the room type you want, ensuring maximum comfort during your solo escapade. Whether it's a cozy cabin with a view or a more spacious suite, the early bird gets the best pick.

Pack Essentials

When embarking on this solo adventure, having the right items in your bag can make a difference, including:

  • Your camera or smartphone. Halong Bay is a visual feast; you'll want to capture all the stunning views and memories.

  • Comfy clothes, especially if you're up for activities like kayaking or trekking. And a good pair of shoes for any walking or exploring you might do on land.

  • Sunscreen and a hat. The sun can be pretty strong in Halong Bay, and shielding yourself is vital for a pleasant experience.

  • For water lovers, toss in a swimsuit. Many cruises offer chances to take a dip, and you wouldn't want to miss out.

  • Lastly, remember any personal meds or must-haves. While cruises have basic medical help, I recommend carrying what you need.

Always Have Travel Insurance

Always Have Travel Insurance

Always Have Travel Insurance

Travel insurance might seem small, but it's helpful in unexpected situations.

Travel insurance covers a range of issues that can pop up during your journey. From medical emergencies to trip cancellations or lost baggage, having insurance ensures you're prepared for the unexpected.

Plans change; that's life! Trip cancellations can happen due to various reasons, including personal emergencies, sudden illness, or even unexpected changes in your plans. Insurance ensures you don't lose out financially in such cases.

Besides, lost baggage can be a hassle, but insurance helps you recover the value of your belongings. It's a small investment for peace of mind.

Remember, not all cruise itineraries cover these unforeseen events, so having travel insurance is like a safety net for your solo adventure in Halong Bay.

Research Local Customs

Understanding the local customs helps you connect with the culture and the people. It shows respect and can lead to more authentic experiences. For example, knowing how to greet people or understanding local dining etiquette can go a long way.

Also, being aware of cultural norms ensures you don't unintentionally offend anyone. It's about being a respectful traveler in a new place.

So, before you book your cruise, do a little research on the region's customs. It doesn't take much effort, but it can make a big difference in how you experience Halong Bay. It's a small step that adds a lot to your solo journey.

Some Activities When Experiencing Halong Bay Cruise For Solo Travelers

Kayaking In Halong Bay

Kayaking In Halong Bay

The beauty of solo travel lies in the freedom to tailor your experience. Here are activities you shouldn't miss on your Halong Bay trip!


When you go on a Halong Bay cruise, don't miss out on the fantastic kayaking! Imagine gliding through the emerald waters, surrounded by towering limestone karsts and breathtaking landscapes.

As a solo adventurer, when kayaking, it's your time to be one with the tranquil bay, explore hidden corners, and paddle at your own pace. You're the captain of your kayak, charting a course through the stunning islets and secret coves.

You can paddle alone, embrace the serenity, or team up with fellow travelers for a shared adventure. This activity will help you create memories on the gentle waves of Halong Bay.

Fishing Village Visit

The next must-do activity in Halong Bay is visiting a fishing village, for example, Vung Vieng. You'll be on a traditional wooden boat, gently rocking and riding to explore colorful floating houses.

There, you'll have the opportunity to chat with the friendly villagers and get a firsthand look at their daily activities.

Many cruises offer guided tours to these fishing villages. As a result, you not only enjoy the scenery but also gain insights into the local customs and history.

Vung Vieng Village

Vung Vieng Village

Swimming And Relaxing At The Beach

For solo travelers seeking relaxation and natural beauty, indulging in swimming and unwinding at the beach is an absolute must during your Halong Bay cruise.

Many Halong Bay cruises include stops at secluded beaches such as Three Peaches and Tuan Chau. You'll have a chance to dip into the crystal-clear waters and soak up the sun on the sandy shores.

As a solo traveler, this is your time to connect with nature, allowing the gentle waves to wash away any stresses.

Hiking And Cave Exploration

Coming to Halong Bay, you cannot miss the caves. One of the must-visit spots is Thien Cung Cave. It's a hotspot celebrated for its enchanting stalactites and stalagmites.

Now, let's talk about the hike. You can hike at the beach, on islands, and in caves. As a solo adventurer, you get to set your own pace, soak in the surroundings, and let the beauty of Halong Bay leave you awe-inspired.

Your cruise will provide a guide for these activities, so you don't need to worry about getting lost. Make sure not to miss out on the chance to make these unique adventures a part of your solo journey!

Cave Exploration

Cave Exploration

Go Fishing

In Halong Bay, you get to try your hand at fishing! You can try fishing in fishing villages under the guidance of friendly fishermen. Or you can participate in night squid fishing sessions on your cruise ship. They have equipment for this activity.


Picture this: you, surrounded by the calm waters of Halong Bay, reclining on the Sundeck or a comfy spot on the boat, looking up at the night sky.

Away from the city lights, the bay becomes a natural planetarium. The night sky in Halong Bay transforms into a canvas filled with countless stars, offering solo travelers a magical and serene experience.

With no light pollution, the stars come out to play in all their glory. As a solo traveler, enjoying the soothing sounds of the bay while gazing up at constellations and celestial wonders creates a tranquil ambiance.

Relaxation And Spa Services

Solo travel is about self-discovery and rejuvenation, and Halong Bay has the perfect offerings. After a day of exploration, indulge in luxurious spa services that allow you to unwind and pamper yourself.

What's better than a massage on the Sundeck, with the gentle sway of the boat and the sea breeze creating a perfect atmosphere?

Halong Bay often provides traditional Vietnamese therapies and modern treatments, promising a holistic approach to relaxation. For a solo traveler, this is a chance to unwind and recharge amidst the bay's beauty.


Your solo journey through Halong Bay is about to get more exciting with the best Halong Bay cruise for solo travelers.

I mean, who wouldn’t want their solo escapade sprinkled with kayaking adventures, luxurious amenities, and breathtaking landscapes?

I’ve handpicked these five cruises after my adventures, ensuring you get the best of socializing and chilling in peace. Among them, the best option is the Peony Cruise.

On Peony, you'll cruise through Halong Bay, kayak where the scenery is like a dream, and then return to a cozy cruise for well-deserved relaxation.

If you want to explore Halong Bay with other Vietnam destinations, check out these Halong Bay tours!

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