Bagan – The peaceful land of Myanmar


Bagan is the land of the ancient capital of Myanmar, with many ancient temples, unique visitors will make Myanmar visit ecstatic before the mysterious beauty. So, If you are going to make a Myanmar Tour, the ancient city of Bagan will be a destination you should not ignore.

Bagan (formerly Pagan, but the people here all read as Baga) is a city located in central Myanmar. Bagan was the capital of the kingdom of Pagan, exist from the ninth century to the thirteenth century. During the period from the eleventh century to the late thirteenth century – the heyday of the Kingdom of Pagan, has over 4,000 pagodas, temples and monasteries were built. And over 2200 traces of the ruins remain to this day. So Bagan is now considered as a “city of archeology”. For those who love to travel, attractive Bagan par with Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

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1. Why should travel Bagan?


The central land of the Bamarites is defined by three locations: Bagan – the ancient capital, Pyay and Taungoo – which are considered as the new surrealist lands and Nay Pyi Taw. Among them, Bagan with many miraculous views of pagodas and temples dating back to the 12th century, really makes a great attraction.

Bagan Temple is the largest and most majestic. It was built of baked bricks, decorated with many murals on the wall, gilded top of the tower. This works is the mixing between Hindu and Buddhist images in radicals. Most visitors often fly directly to Bagan, but the center of Myanmar also “treats” visitors the beautiful landscapes for adventure enthusiasts. This place may be known as the “dry zone” but it is far from the desert.

In addition to highways and railroads, there are traces of rolling carts across rice fields and plains, all surrounded by the Shan Mountains in the East and the Ayeyarwa-dy River (Irrawaddy). It circleto the west, creat a poetic scene like turning back to the last century.

2. Good restaurants in Bagan


Queen Restaurant, Golden Emperor Restaurant near each other, have similar styles. At Golden Emperor consistent with lemon sauce very tasty fish dishes and attractive, you should try. The curry dishes are appetizing with his Vietnam population. But regional dishes featured here is green tea salad, are not attractive at all. (You also have in case you do not taste the same yourself.)

Moon Vegetarian is a restaurant serving vegetarian dishes with a romantic setting, great food, but the price is affordable. Or just opposite the Yar Pyi Vegetarian vegetarian restaurant with quick service style and very enthusiastic.

If you like to savor for Myanmar natives, you can find a restaurant buffet Myanmar Foods House price 3,500 / person.

About beverages, in Myanamar as in Bagan people often like to drink beer Myanmar, drink quite bold taste, easy to drink. In restaurants, beer bottles (greater than their bottle) cost and beer cans 2.000k there 1.200k price. When walking around in the neighborhood, you can easily find a coffee shop with a tea of ​​the indigenous people. Coffee is certainly not a light and tasty, like coffee comparator Vietnam. But tea which people here call “tea mix” taste quite strange. This tea like milk tea, but black beans taste of water and you should try. In this shop, people often sold with dumplings but sweet peas and sugar workers. In addition, to beverage you should drink lemonade. Lemon is that lemon (Lime) rather green lemon (Lemon) like I should be very fragrant, delicious.

3. The best hostel in Bagan


Blue Bird Hotel

Chindwin Hotel

Tharabar Gate Hotel Hotel

Myanmar Beauty Guest Hotel

House II, III & IV Hotel

4. The time should travel Bagan


From November to February: Winter time, most tourists come to the most and cool temperatures are around 86 ° F (30 ° C).

March to May: Hot season, when temperatures reach 100 ° F (40 ° C) and may be higher.

From June to October: The rainy season, but the scenery is extremely lush and the prices of hotels in Bagan are at its lowest.

Boat trip from Mandalay to BaganBoat trip from Mandalay to Bagan

5. Highlights in Bagan and central Myanmar


You can admire the scenery from the hot air balloon to admire the beautiful sunrise or to sit on a balloon crossing over the Bagan Temple to see the shrine from the high above and the whole surroundings.

You can also take a ride on the Ayeyarwady River on a boat from Bagan to Madalay or spend half a day sailing to the temple.

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